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Calling all Vegans!

What we have to talk about today is life changing.  First watch this: Forks Over Knives on Hulu has it for free.:

For more:

Charis Melina Brown

10:00 Introduction with Isidra Person-Lynn Host and Producer and Charis Melina Brown on Veganism

Author Charis Melina Brown  leads a vegan lifestyle which is predominately raw and consists of raw juicing! She publishes frequent videos about health, juicing and also about spirituality  and her Journey as a Starseed.

Chef Rawsheed Stone Coyote Patton

10:30: Veganism with  Chef Rawsheed Stone Coyote Patton

This popular Vegan Chef had dried and fresh foods in Wholefoods and many stores across the state.  His popular dinners in his restaurant at Top of Topanga and other locales made him a favorite. Keep up with him on Facebook.

Recipe: Stuffing Baked (Shortcut)

Gluten free cornbread

egg replecer

vegan butter

organic date suga


almond milk, hemp milk (stay soy free)

Mix put in 375 you will have cornbread

Chop celery, mushrooms and oregano mix it up, make sure it is moist, cranberries, raisin, extra corn, put it into the oven…and bake til done!

Stuffing Raw

Psylium Husk 2 cups (bowl)

1 bag of almond meal


date sugar




sea salt


love and good thoughts

Flatten in pan or put it in oven at lowest temp , crack the door (2 or 3 hours)

Mix it together…put in dehydrator

Kayla Mason, Juicing While Black

11:15 Juicing While Black with Kayla Mason, Detroit

Her article “Juicing While Black” was featured on

Kayla lives and works and is a PhD candidate there.  She has been a vegan for a year.  Videos she watched: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Food Inc.

Book she recommends: The Juicing Bible by Crawford

Look for Vegan Apps

Song at the end: She’s a Vegan, by MVP Boys (from You Tube)

Vanessa Thomas, with a Juicing Testimony!

11:35:  Healing Your Self Naturally: Vanessa Thomas

This expert juicer has a testimony!

Noon:  Outro and Replay

Still working out the kinks, but we are juicing with Charis Melina Brown!  

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New Music: KRS-One “Disaster Kit”


Romney’s Son and Those Voting Machines

Barack Obama’s You Tube Channel

Geri Douthet Westbrooks is the visionary behind the new Obama Resource Center

The Obama Resource Center is available for voter registration and Obama research.  We also have an array of inspirational products that chronicle this most exciting time in history from  Pres. Obama’s announcement of candidacy in February 2007, up to inauguration day in January 2009 and beyond!

Obama Resource Center 
is open by appointment only
Call (323)731-0693
Or email: 
In Los Angeles, Corner of Washinton and  1904 5th Ave.    Come and call!  Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.                                             
 Schedule a visit or a field trip for your youth group or senior center.
Special Thanks:
Jarim Person-Lynn for inspiring this program!
Thanks to Charis Melina Brown from juicing in the SUnday Morning Live Kitchens
Thanks to Darlene Donloe and Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn  for the time!
Thanks to Chef Rawsheed
Thanks to Kayla Mason
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 And thanks to the Creator who knows we tried to touch people this morning about voting and eating to make our bodytemples  worthy in Your sight!

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