iPhone 5: Will you get one?

New Music from Siedah Garrett

Roger Guenveur Smithin “Rodney King” interviewed by Darlene Donloe.

Valerie Jarrett, Special Advisor to President Obama with NII-Qurterlai Quartey.

In Alexandria VA? This is Sunday! Check it out…

10:00 Intro Isidra Person-Lynn and Jasmyne Cannick Hosts

10:10: Tech–we can talk about iPhone 5Marques Brownlee compares the new iPhone 5 to the best Androids.

10:30 Entertainment with Darlene Donloe. Guests: New music from Siedah Garrett and Roger Guenveur Smith’s play “Rodney King.”

10:55 President Obama’s advisor Valerie Garrett at the Crenshaw (LA) Obama office

11:10 News Topics:

  • Libya
  • Tennis girl who is too fat
  • Kobe’s outreach efforts
  • Robin Hood High Speed Chase
  • Other news stories

11:45 Dr. Kwaku’s Candid Moments feat. Andrew Browder

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