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Darlene Donloe interviews Jazz singer Gregory Porter

It’s a man’s world this morning at Sunday Morning Live!

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SML 91: It’s all about the Men!!

10:00 a. Welcome: Isidra Person-Lynn, Producer and Host

Ray Wilson: Kelsey’s Lessons on Africa: Click here for details about ordering

10:07 Darlene Donloe Interviews Singer Gregory Porter

10:22 Tony Porter: A Call to Men Click here to read more and listen to this dynamic Ted Talk.

10:33 Just Walk Away (Mens DV), Oklahoma City, Lisa Miller-Baldwin joins us interviewing men who have been affected by Domestic Violence (DV).

  • Marvin Bradshaw: current business owner, victim of domestic violence, witnessed as a child,  wants to make a difference
  • James Nichols: Formerly Abused in his relationship.  This actor serves as Operations manager for Empowered Filmworks.

12:10 Cellphones and the African Congo with Bambi Mbubi,

12: 20Dr. Kwaku interviews Violet Palmer




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This week’s Sunday Morning Live is special. Our cover story is about Leroy Hamilton, who, BTW, was the designated photographer at the Space Shuttle which landed at LAX in preparation to go to the California Science Center. That interview uis slated for 10:55 am, Pacific.

10:00 a.m.: Welcome
10:10 Tech: Marquez Brownlee–Three Top Cell Phones on the Market right now.   MKBHD is his channel on You Tube.

10:00 Bambisi

10:20 We talk to Men for Pres. ObamaKevin L. Brown, Tyron Turner, Nii Quarterlai Quartey.
10:20 Cell Phone Africa
10:30  Darlene Doloe  Brother in Iran: Darlene Donloe meets with cast and director of The Iran Job: an American basketball player in Iran.
10:50 Dr. Kwaku’s Candid Moments:Testimonials from first class:  Dr. Kwaku’s  Semester continues

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Darlene Donloe interviews the principals of The Iran Job

What are the top 3 cellphones on the market? Meet Marquez Brownlee!

Friday you might hear yourself on Sunday Morning Live!
10:55 Cover Story:  Leroy Hamilton  Learn about Leroy Hamilton:  This week’s Sunday Morning Live is special.
12: 00 Listen to the rebroadcast!


Thanks to Sounds of Blackness for Black Butterfly

Thanks to Kirk Franklin, “You Look So Much Better if You Smile.”

10 More Shows, then it’s a Wrap.  Who’s got next?

iPhone 5: Will you get one?

New Music from Siedah Garrett

Roger Guenveur Smithin “Rodney King” interviewed by Darlene Donloe.

Valerie Jarrett, Special Advisor to President Obama with NII-Qurterlai Quartey.

In Alexandria VA? This is Sunday! Check it out…

10:00 Intro Isidra Person-Lynn and Jasmyne Cannick Hosts

10:10: Tech–we can talk about iPhone 5Marques Brownlee compares the new iPhone 5 to the best Androids.

10:30 Entertainment with Darlene Donloe. Guests: New music from Siedah Garrett and Roger Guenveur Smith’s play “Rodney King.”

10:55 President Obama’s advisor Valerie Garrett at the Crenshaw (LA) Obama office

11:10 News Topics:

  • Libya
  • Tennis girl who is too fat
  • Kobe’s outreach efforts
  • Robin Hood High Speed Chase
  • Other news stories

11:45 Dr. Kwaku’s Candid Moments feat. Andrew Browder

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