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This week on Sunday Morning Live Morning Magazine with Isidra Person-Lynn:

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10: 15 Entertainment:

Darlene Donloe Interviews CeCe Penniston.

10: 45 Reducing Homelessness in L.A.:  Meet Dr. Micheal K. Williams whose organizational goal is to reduce homelessness in South Los Angeles with his L.A. Regional Homeless Restoration Advisory Coalition.

11:00 Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn: Candid Moments:  Attorney Patricia Russell McCloud  Classes start Sept. 21!

11:15 Live-Open Phones:Shonda Buchanan, Poet, Author of “Who’s Afraid of Black Indians?”

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CeCe Peniston’s smooth rhythmic vocal sounds have impressed many legends and high profile celebrities. Among the list of those who have personally requested ton at private engagements are Aretha Franklin at her private birthday celebration in Detroit, Michigan, Pope John Paul II in Rome at The Vatican, and President Bill Clinton at both of his inauguration ceremonies in Washington, D.C. Following the abolition of apartheid, ton was the first female entertainer to visit and perform in South Africa.  ton describes her own music as fun and youthful while at the same time signifying deep meaning.
CeCe Peniston’s music career began in 1990 when she signed to A&M Records. She got her initial exposure doing featured vocals on Phoenix female rapper Overweight Pooch’s 1991 single “I Like It”. The label was so impressed with ton’s vocals, that they wanted her to release her own solo single “Finally”, which dropped in the fall of 1991.

“Finally” is an uplifting anthem that speaks to finally finding true love. Discovered by famed deejay/remixer Manny Lehman, ton released her debut album, “Finally”, in 1992. The album, released on A&M Records, sold over three million copies worldwide.

Fear of a Black President:

As a candidate, Barack Obama said we needed to reckon with race and with America’s original sin, slavery. But as our first black president, he has avoided mention of race almost entirely. In having to be “twice as good” and “half as black,” Obama reveals the false promise and double standard of integration.

By Ta-Nehisi Coates
The Young Turks:

TYT: Fox News Blames Black People (For Everything)

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