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Sunday Morning Live is a Sunday morning radio magazine live from Los Angeles.  It is Produced and hosted by Isidra Person-Lynn. Here is today’s schedule:

10: Intro and Headlines with Isidra Person-Lynn, producer and host.

10:10It’s Komplicated with Hannibal Tabu (special report)

10:20 Darlene Donloe with Donloe’s Lowdown on Entertainment. Features an interview with Spike Lee about Red Hook Summer and a review of Sparkle.

10:40 Isidra Person-Lynn interviews Dr. Anthony Samad (more below)

11:20 Dr. Kwaku’s Candid Moments

11:30-Noon: Jasmyne Cannick interviews Atty. David A. Welch re: Medical Marijuana Ban in Los Angeles.

Our cover story is an interview with Dr. Anthony A. Samad on the next Sunday Morning Live!!

Dr. Anthony Samad, columnist, educator and organizer whose Urban Issues Forum has featured International newsmakers in Los Angeles.

Here is one of his “Between the Lines” columns we will be discussing:

Know your rights, because voter suppression in 2012 is real

In Serena’s celebration, a new Black fist