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Ty Gray-El, Master Storyteller

Schedule for Show 85 of Sunday Morning Live:

10:00 Welcome: Isidra Person-Lynn

Reminders: Howard Alumni–Vote for James E. Silcott, AIA for Trustee.  Find out more at

African World Civilizations Class starts late September

Roger Guenvere Smith’s play on Rodney King, Scroll Below for details

10:05 Entertainment – Darlene Donloe  The Jacksons Unity Tour and more

10:20: Interview:  Master Storyteller Ty Gray -El A Black Woman’s Smile

11:15: Profile on Tammi Mac: How to get into the business of Hollywood!

Sunday Morning Live will sit at the feet of Master Storyteller Ty Gray-El this week.  As a DC-based author, poet, columnist, workshop designer, trainer, educator and minister, Ty also has more than 25 years of workshop and seminar facilitation experience. His skill in character-building, change management, human resource development and team-building effectiveness has earned him the respect of his colleagues as he has served as his own best case study.

Radio Personality, Actress and Voice-over talent Tammi Mac  talks about her showcase which can help you break into the entertainment and voiceover business!  The Next Mac Minute Microphone Mixer is Aug 31.  Sign up tday at on the Mac Fun Page!

Entertainment reporter Darlene Donloe will update us on entertainment taken from the pages of

Tammi Mac,

Tammi Mac with Vanessa Bell Calloway and Friends

SML is hosted and produced by Isidra Person-Lynn.  Segment hosts include Entertainment Reporter Darlene Donloe, Historian Dr.Kwaku Person-Lynn with occassional commentary from Hannibal Tabu.

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Ty Gray-El’s signature piece:  A Black Woman’s Smile

 Ty Gray-EL.  The ‘Minister of Poetry’

is an author, activist, internationally renowned storyteller and the founder of Breath of My Ancestors; a Cultural Enrichment Ministry.

Ty earned a B.S. in Street-ology from the District of Columbia, a Master’s Degree in Survival from the Ghettos of North America and a Ph.D. in Psyche-ology from the University of Hard Knocks. While some laugh at Ty’s academic achievements (once labeled ineducable) he is as proud of his accomplishments as any holding degrees from Howard, Harvard or Yale. He is an author, activist, poet, playwright, public speaker, husband, proud father of four and Minister at New Revival Kingdom Church.

Rising from the woeful condition of being labeled ‘ineducable’ to becoming the author of ‘Breath of My Ancestors/Reflections from the Conscience of an African in America,’ to being called by some “The Vessel through which our ancestors speak”, Ty as a performance poet and Storytelling-Griot  has appeared on the Michael Baisden Show, the Steve Harvey Morning Show, the Russ Parr Morning Show, WHUR, BET News, the Pacifica Radio Network and Sirius/XM Radio as well as featured in the Washington Informer and Washington Post newspapers.

He confronts the issues of racism with poetic compassion, dramatic storytelling and historical fact while weaving a tapestry of tolerance and hope. Ty’s presentation is a slice of lecture, a slice of poetry, and a slice of theater and that all comes together like grandma’s sweet potato pie.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I give you…the Minister of Poetry, Ty Gray-EL

Ty Gray-EL Promo

Actor Roger Guenveur Smith pours himself into Rodney King:
Opens this Thursday 2 August 8pm sharpBootleg Theater, Los Angeles, California 90057
Free preview this Wednesday 3pm sharp