Tune in to today’s Program:  SML 80 June 24, 2012

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Next Week, Black Farmer’s with Jackie Penn


Vaser Shape: www.peterfodormd.com

  • 10:30 Daphne Bradford, Deputy Director for Southern California Women for Obama
  • 11:00 Dr. Kwaku: Candid Moments, Black History 4 Young people
  • 11:12 Conversation with a Dreamer:Jennifer Talks about Pres. Obama’s Executive Order for undocumented students.
  • 11:25 Kengi Carr returns to discuss his upcoming art show on June 30th–ENUF
  • 11: 35 Addendum to interview with Dr. Melina Abdullah, CSULA Kathleen Cleaver

Dr. Kwaku’s Black History 4 Young People:Keion Collins was the first winner of a free meal from Simply Wholesome, a great natural restaurant on Slauson and Overhill.  They have sponsored for the past 5 years. Congrats, Keion!

Dr. Peter Fodor, guest of Darlene Donloe

Kengi Carr, http://www.DoSomethingSaturdays.org The ENUF show is designed to raise funds for Being Alive Los Angeles and raise awareness for people LIVING with HIV or AIDS here in Los Angeles. On Sat. June 30, there will be FREE HIV testing from 6-9pm, LA food trucks, 3 DJ’s, live performances and over 40 artists standing united to show their love and support for people LIVING with HIV or AIDS.

We bid Hannibal a fond farewell, but leave the door open to him for his future musings. Thank you for the work you did. Enjoyed listening. Will miss Komplicated.com too!