Interracial Dating reaction culled from Twitter, Facebook and You Tube:


10:00 Welcome, Producer/host Isidra Person-Lynn,
10:07 Darlene Donloe, Interview with Janice Littlejohn, Swirling: (Interracial Dating),  How to Date, Mate and Relate: Mixing Race, Culture and Creed
10:25 Dr. Melina Abdullah, Pan African Studies, CSULA (Live)
Western Journal of Black Studies
Womanist Mothering:
Loving and Raising the Revolution, 
Melina Abdullah, pg.57
Associate Professor at Cal State L.A.
10:55 Kathleen Cleaver Clip, Thanks Leroy Hamilton
11:00 Hannibal Tabu, It’s Komplicated (Special Announcement),
11:10 Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn: Interview with Al Bell re: Black Music
11:25: Tour of Al Wooten Jr. Youth Center with Naomi Bradley E.D.

Dr. Melina Abdullah