Jasmyne Cannick

Atty. Stephen A. Smith, http://www.SASmithlegal.com (Florida)

Who are you going to vote for Tuesday, June 5? (You DO know there is an election, right?) And Zimmerman…Will he have turned himself in by the deadline? We’ve got the talking heads, plus and interview with Jamie Nieto, whose Blood Brothers Web-series is smokin’ hot, and Lisa Miller-Baldwin will talk about the creative way she dealt with Domestic Violence. Hannibal Tabu, and Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn have surprise segments so join us for your Morning Magazine @10 a.m. PDT! http://tobtr.com/s/3305997

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Today’s Schedule:
10:00 Intro: Host, Isidra Person-Lynn
What’s coming up
10:05 Hannibal Tabu, http://www.Komplicated.com
10:10 Jamie Nieto, Blood Brothers Webseries
10:20 Lisa Miller-Baldwin domestic violence
10:35 Atty. Stephen A. Smith, FloridaTrayvon Martin Case Update
10: 50 Jasmyne Cannick:  What’s on your ballot? D.A.’s Race, Propositions, Political. Day’s race, President’s race
Guests TBD
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Shout Outs:

Happy birthday to my cousin Michal Brown. Hers was the only PhD defense I ever attended.

Also congrats to niece Sonia King for graduating Full Sail University
And congrats to Sylvia and Sam, two very talented former students who hung in there at West L.A . College and are graduating  Tuesday.

Shout out to Desiree Edwards for making chicken and dumplings for Willis Edwards. WE are trekking out to his hospice in Northridge to celebrate him today.

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