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Thomas Burrell, Black Farmers Agriculturalists Association,

Sunday Morning Live is a weekly News Magazine which features a variety of segments.  Hosted and produced by Isidra Person-Lynn, this week’s coverage includes:

Dr. Rosie Milligan, Economic Activist

Jackie Penn hosts this segment featuring the work of the Black Farmers & Agriculturalist Association (BFAA).  Guests Dr. Rosie Milligan and of Thomas Burrell of the Black Farmers Agriculturalists Association.

Also, we profile Starlette Quarles, host of The Dialogue on KTYM.

Darlene Donloe has the latest in Entertainment and Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn reaches into his archives to share with us history we need to know.

Starlette Quarles, host of The Dialogue

Here is the link to the show:

Tune in to today’s Program:  SML 80 June 24, 2012


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Next Week, Black Farmer’s with Jackie Penn


Vaser Shape:

  • 10:30 Daphne Bradford, Deputy Director for Southern California Women for Obama
  • 11:00 Dr. Kwaku: Candid Moments, Black History 4 Young people
  • 11:12 Conversation with a Dreamer:Jennifer Talks about Pres. Obama’s Executive Order for undocumented students.
  • 11:25 Kengi Carr returns to discuss his upcoming art show on June 30th–ENUF
  • 11: 35 Addendum to interview with Dr. Melina Abdullah, CSULA Kathleen Cleaver

Dr. Kwaku’s Black History 4 Young People:Keion Collins was the first winner of a free meal from Simply Wholesome, a great natural restaurant on Slauson and Overhill.  They have sponsored for the past 5 years. Congrats, Keion!

Dr. Peter Fodor, guest of Darlene Donloe

Kengi Carr, The ENUF show is designed to raise funds for Being Alive Los Angeles and raise awareness for people LIVING with HIV or AIDS here in Los Angeles. On Sat. June 30, there will be FREE HIV testing from 6-9pm, LA food trucks, 3 DJ’s, live performances and over 40 artists standing united to show their love and support for people LIVING with HIV or AIDS.

We bid Hannibal a fond farewell, but leave the door open to him for his future musings. Thank you for the work you did. Enjoyed listening. Will miss too!

SML 79

Interracial Dating reaction culled from Twitter, Facebook and You Tube:


10:00 Welcome, Producer/host Isidra Person-Lynn,
10:07 Darlene Donloe, Interview with Janice Littlejohn, Swirling: (Interracial Dating),  How to Date, Mate and Relate: Mixing Race, Culture and Creed
10:25 Dr. Melina Abdullah, Pan African Studies, CSULA (Live)
Western Journal of Black Studies
Womanist Mothering:
Loving and Raising the Revolution, 
Melina Abdullah, pg.57
Associate Professor at Cal State L.A.
10:55 Kathleen Cleaver Clip, Thanks Leroy Hamilton
11:00 Hannibal Tabu, It’s Komplicated (Special Announcement),
11:10 Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn: Interview with Al Bell re: Black Music
11:25: Tour of Al Wooten Jr. Youth Center with Naomi Bradley E.D.

Dr. Melina Abdullah

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June 10, 2012

Call in to speak with the host (619) 996-1674 (Press 1) or just listen!
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Show schedule:
10:00 am Welcome–Host and Producer: Isidra Person-Lynn
10:05 Hannibal Tabu, It’s Komplicated (Pop & Tech)
10:12 Donloe’s Lowdown: Darlene Donloe Interviews filmmaker Ava DuVernay–Middle of Nowhere is her latest!
10:35 Thoughts at the E3 Convention (Electronic Entertainment Expo.)
10:40 Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn ( Interviews Earth Wind and Fire’s Verdine White, Black Music
10:50 Honor Thy Father, with Denise Estelle, Founder
11:30 Fatherhood Conference,  with Alan-Michael Graves
11:50 Derrick’s Jamaican Cuisine: In the Kitchen with Derrick Angus
Noon: Outro

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Honor Thy Father

June 17, 2012

Guest: Denise Estelle, Estelle for Humanity

A Salute to Outsanding 
Fathers and Male Mentors in Our Community 

You have a unique opportunity to honor
your father, husband, brother,uncle or male mentor on

Father’s Day
June 17, 2012

You and your family can participate in this event.

Vendors Welcome!
How to Participate

Purchase your Dinner Ticket NOW!!
For information call: Estelle for Humanity

Fatherhood Conference:

June 15, 2012

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Call for scholarship support:  213-260-7604

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Register for Black History 4 Young People. Reg. forms soon available at

Jasmyne Cannick

Atty. Stephen A. Smith, (Florida)

Who are you going to vote for Tuesday, June 5? (You DO know there is an election, right?) And Zimmerman…Will he have turned himself in by the deadline? We’ve got the talking heads, plus and interview with Jamie Nieto, whose Blood Brothers Web-series is smokin’ hot, and Lisa Miller-Baldwin will talk about the creative way she dealt with Domestic Violence. Hannibal Tabu, and Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn have surprise segments so join us for your Morning Magazine @10 a.m. PDT!

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Today’s Schedule:
10:00 Intro: Host, Isidra Person-Lynn
What’s coming up
10:05 Hannibal Tabu,
10:10 Jamie Nieto, Blood Brothers Webseries
10:20 Lisa Miller-Baldwin domestic violence
10:35 Atty. Stephen A. Smith, FloridaTrayvon Martin Case Update
10: 50 Jasmyne Cannick:  What’s on your ballot? D.A.’s Race, Propositions, Political. Day’s race, President’s race
Guests TBD
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Shout Outs:

Happy birthday to my cousin Michal Brown. Hers was the only PhD defense I ever attended.

Also congrats to niece Sonia King for graduating Full Sail University
And congrats to Sylvia and Sam, two very talented former students who hung in there at West L.A . College and are graduating  Tuesday.

Shout out to Desiree Edwards for making chicken and dumplings for Willis Edwards. WE are trekking out to his hospice in Northridge to celebrate him today.

Elections Links and things:

L.A. Vote: