The story behind Derrick's Jamaican Cuisines "Healing Greens."

Julius Tennon Discusses Camp Logan and other projects he has going with wife Viola Davis. Interviewed by Darlene Donloe.

Synthia Saint James Part II. Isidra Person-Lynn interviews this acclaimed artist about the business of art.

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This week’s Lineup:

10:00 Welcome…Recap

Tune in next week for Civil Unrest program

10:10 Hannibal Tabu:  Tech & Pop “It’s Komplicated” Today he talks about flying cars and celebrity birthdays.  They are here! All that and more!

10:15: Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku–Bob Marley and Us

10:35 Darlene Donloe, EntertainmentJulius Tennon, husband of Viola Davis talks about the couples plans.  Also the play Camp Logan.

Adisa Septuri, Co-founder, Finaza Foundation (Sierra Leone)

10:50 Saving the Children of Sierra Leone’s Diamond Mines with Adisa Septuri, Finaza–Interviewed by Isidra Person-Lynn, SML Host and Producer

11:10 Derrick Angus–The Secret of the Healing Greens at Derrick’s Jamaican Cuisine, in L.A.

11:20 Artist Synthia Saint James:  Part 2 of a Great Conversation

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Dr. Kwaku’s Interview with Bob Marley

A Day Without Mines by Adisa Septuri