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You know, I was bummed by the loss of Derek Fisher from the Lakers a couple of weeks ago, when the story about Trayvon Martin just jumped up and grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. So this week, let’s tackle some questions:

Topics:  Where is George Zimmerman?Have the police lost him?

What is your take on the Hoodie solidarity marches and social media posts?

Have you heard Al Sharpton’s actual speech?

Have you heard the witness say those were Zimmerman’s cries?

Have you heard the 3 witnesses who blame Zimmerman say they were ignored by police?

Did you hear that the New Black Panthers are offering a $10,000 Bounty for Zimmerman dead or alive?

Have you heard that the old Black Panthers disavowed them?

Have you heard the entire remarks by the President on this?

Have you heard Newt Gingrich’s reply?

Have you heard Geraldo blame the hoodies for the murder?

Have you heard what his own son said in response?

Is this killing about race?

Are President Obama’s words a comfort (to Black people) or an offense to the Whites as Newt Gingrich claims?

People from the man on the street to the President of the United States are Talking About Trayvon–calling for justice…and STILL law enforcement does not arrest his killer-George Zimmerman.

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By the way, Derek Fisher will be fine.  He is now with the OK Thunder, two slots AHEAD of the Lakers.  And the Lakers are having fun with Ramon Sessions and Jordan Hill.  I hope everything works out for the Family of Trayvon Martin, as well as can be expected now that they are facing a loss that can never be filled. R.I.P, lil brother.  This one’s for you.

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Photo by Leroy Hamilton.  We are at the Final 4. March Madness Continues!

Caprice Willard, Fashion Star

Leroy Hamilton--Multitasking at Costco--(March Madness)

A Trayvon Hoodie Original taken from my friend’s Facebook page.

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