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Morning Live #67:

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Rahsaan Patterson

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10:00 AM Welcome

10:05 Hannibal Tabu: Tech & Pop It’s Komplicated

10:15  Women’s History Dr. Kwaku

10:25 Cancer Event – Lena Cole-Dennis

10:30 Darlene Donloe Interviews Rahsaan Patterson:  Don’t Touch Me (Child sexual abuse.)

11:20 Isidra Person-Lynn interviews P. Allen Jones:  I Only Cry at Night: Memoir of a Woman with Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Sota Omoigui, Pain Management Specialist, Sickle Cell Expert


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Noted Sickle Cell Disease Advocate Authors Inspiring Story About
Living With Sickle Cell Disease
This is a riveting story about overcoming poverty, racism, abuse, and pain, all while embracing the lessons they teach.
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, October 22, 2011: Millions of people world-wide suffer with some form of disability. Some suffer in silence with a disease that is unrecognized, and often overlooked. This disease is Sickle Cell Disease. A disease of the blood, sickle cell causes many complications to the body and lives of people who suffer with it. Often, leading to disability and death, sickle cell disease impacts their lives physically, emotionally, financially, and socially.
In her new book, I Only Cry at Night, living with Sickle Cell Disease, P. Allen Jones outlines the many obstacles she had to face head-on. She tackles the timely topics of sickle cell disease ignorance, overcoming silence caused by shame, and living in-spite of pain. She brings a voice to the ticking bomb that has ached in her bones since birth. Conveying the message of hope, P. Allen Jones takes the reader to the edge of despair, and then leads them to a place she found called peace.
I Only Cry at Night, living with Sickle Cell Disease, is a testament to living past disease and disability, and being more than what’s expected or allowed.
Through personal anecdotes of her own experience, and clear insight, Jones uses I Only Cry at Night, living with Sickle Cell Disease as a narrative that takes the reader on a journey toward self-acceptance. Living past pain, abuse, discrimination and sickle cell disease, this book is less about her sad story, and more about fulfilling life, achievement in-spite of disability, and making the most of it all.
About P. Allen Jones
Born with sickle cell disease, P. Allen Jones began turning tragedy into triumph at an early age.
Today, she’s recognized as a true advocate for people with sickle cell disease, a writer in Ability Magazine, columnist of Ponder This…in Southern Sierra Messenger Newspaper, author of Ponder Faith…articles in various newspapers, and creator/blogger of Our Voice-the voice of people living with sickle cell diseasewhich is viewed all over the globe.
Contact: For more information on I Only Cry at Night, living with Sickle Cell Disease, or to contact P. Allen Jones for an interview, please visit, email or call (559) 801-7640.

Dr. Sota Omoigui

Patient Expert Blogger Award winner, P. Allen Jones has been a long-time healthcare advocate for people suffering with Sickle Cell Disease. As a health advocate blogger, Jones speaks to millions of people worldwide about the issues that confront people with Sickle Cell disease.
Featured in Ability Magazine(2009), the leading celebrity, health, disability and human potential magazine, Jones’ life was profiled and Sickle Cell Disease finally got the national awareness it deserves.
As a featured writer for the Southern Sierra Messenger newspaper, Jones’ article “Ponder This” offered poignant opinions on current events and politics.
Jones’s articles “Ponder Faith” are featured on the Women’s National Book Association, Visalia Delta, and TulareTimeswebsites.
Educated in California, Jones studied finance, production operations and engineering. This diverse educational background led to a 22 year Federal executive career. Now retired, Jones works with various hospitals and universities to develop patient training and awareness programs for Sickle Cell disease awareness. P. Allen Jones lives in California, married with two children.


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AUDIO: 911 Call Released In Trayvon Martin Case – Screams and Shots Heard

Trayvon Martin Case: 911 Audio Released Of Teen Allegedly Shot By Neighborhood Watch Captain (BEST AUDIO)

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