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Today’s Lineup: (Subject to change) 2/26/2012

The Academy Awards Start at 4 p.m. PST on ABC

10:00 a.m. Darlene Donloe covers the Oscars and offers her final predictions.

Entertainment Reporter Darlene Donloe

10:15: Hannibal Tabu: It’s Komplicated  (Tech and Pop:

10:20 Child Abuse!

Our guest Terry Boykins says America is spending $104 B on child abuse and neglect! And the pain lasts a lifetime.

A compelling true story of courage, sacrifice and unconditional love between a man and a special needs child caught in a tumultuous abuse case within foster care, A Fragile Child’s Cry, is a true awakening for those unaware of the emotional and physical commitment needed in providing for a disabled child.

H. L. Stampleytakes readers on a journey of empathy and challenge as the tables turn and he presents the question of “What would you do in my situation.”  Now with grown children, Stampley questions his role as a father to his own children

The latest edition of "A Fragile Child's Cry"

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as his love and admiration for a child in need grows to great passion.  Only to realize later that in the midst of litigation he is battling for life himself.

During the writing of A Fragile Child’s Cry, H. L. Stampley stated, ” Oftentimes the personal challenges were so insurmountable and unimaginable, I just prayed that I would make it.  I had to find the strength to carry on.”  After fourteen years, he continues advocating for the fair medical treatment of foster youth and children with disabilities.

A Fragile Child’s Cry is published by Street Positive Publications.

A portion of the proceeds from A Fragile Child’s Cry will benefit foster youth, abused and children with disabilities programs.  For more information visit

Delores Brown, IMHP, is hosting a Music Therapy Concert. Fights bunkerism and isolation………..

Sherri Franklin, explains March 10 Concert with Shante Moore  $35 tickets after Feb 29, 2012.  Go to andlook for  “A Place for Everyone, a Music Therapy Concert Series” by Institute for Maximum Human Potential.

Links: Child Abuse in the Headlines



Did you see it?  What did you think of Good Deeds?

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In the meantime, here are Miki Turner’s Predictions (Jet Magazine)