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Feature: Behind the Lens with Leroy Hamilton

10:05: Darlene Donloe, Entertainment:  Countdown to her coverage of The Oscars, Whitney Funeral
10:15 Hannibal Tabu:  It’s Komplicated (Tech & Pop)

10:21 Dr Kwaku–excerpt of his interview with Bob Marley
10:28: Cover Story: Black IndiansPompey Fixico, Seminole and William L. Katz, Author, Black Indians

11:28: Kirk Whalum, Jazz Artist, interviewed by Darlene Donloe

Sunday, Feb 19 at 10 a.m.
Darlene Donloe, Entertainment reporter interviews Kirk Whalum about his CD Romance Language and updates us on her Journey to cover the Oscars!

Hannibal Tabu gives us the Tech and Pop Report:  It’s Komplicated


Mayor Villaraigosa with Buffalo Soldiers holding Black Indian Book

Phil Wilkes Fixico- African-NativeAmerican activist, is a Seminole Maroon Descendant, Creek and Cherokee Freedmen descendant, Honorary Heniha for the Wildcat/John Horse Band of the Texas Seminoles, California Semiroon Mico, Member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry and the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts of Brackettville, Texas.

William Katz and Woody Strode

William Katz is the author of “Black Indians” and over 40 books on history.  He specializes in the history of Black Indians and the relationships between the two groups.

Black History Month:

Dr. Kwaku Interviews Bob Marley

Behind the Lens with Leroy Hamilton

Antwone Fisher and Gina Paige

Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas

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Comedy Central: President Obama


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