Show: 61 Feb 5, 2012

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This Week’s Schedule

(Approximate: Schedule Subject to Change Without Notice)

10:00 AM Welcome

10:05 Darlene Donloe, Entertainment Reporter, Don Cornelius/Academy Awards Announcements Part II

Viola Davis Go read this article and see more pics at

10:20 Dwann Brown: Superbowl Sunday Preview

10:27 Hannibal Tabu Tech and Pop: It’s Komplicated —

10:35  Dr. Kwaku: Black History Month, Hair, History, Upcoming Class

10:50 Ayuko Babu: Pan Afrikan Film and Art Festival
Hear the full interview here:

Isidra Person-Lynn interviews Ayuko Babu for Pan African Film Festival 2-9.

11:00 Phil Perry, Singer

11:10 Daphne Bradford, Educator, Mother of Many, Talks about First Michelle Obama’s visit to Los Angeles

11:20 William Byers: Building the Dream,

Cover Story:

11:30 Nadean Day, Using natural care for natural hair, Nature’s Essential Ingredients

11:47 Open Phones Krischa Esquivel: Parenting Your Natural Child

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Rest in Peace, Don Cornelius

‪Natural Hair: The Male Perspective‬

By Chevy Jones AKA Cheverly Hillz (Interview takes place at Millennium Barber Shop.)

Beauty Within

by Dead Prez

‪Martin Luther King inspired song!!! – “The Dream” (100 yrs later)‬

Horizontal Reign

‪First to Fight – The Black Tankers of WWII‬

‪Black Female Battalion of WW2‬


Double Victory is a documentary companion to Red Tails, a new film produced by George Lucas about the legendary Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, the first African American aerial unit. Tune in to Double Victory: Feb. 6th & 13th at 6am/5c. View the Classroom Guide here. Learn more about Red Tails (premiered in theaters Jan. 20th!) here: