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This week’s Lineup:

10:00 a.m. Intro

10:05 Darlene Donloe:  Post Academy Awards

10:15 Actor Michael Ealy: Think Like a Man, Common Law, Underworld Awakening

10: 20 Hannibal Tabu, It’s Komplicated

10:30 Derrick Angus, Derrick’s Jamaican

10: 50 Cole Wiley— Award Winning Film Writer

11: 10 Dr. Kwaku — Afrikan World Civilizations Classes Start March 9

11:30 Willis Edwards:  Pray for Me

11:35 KFI Efforts.  Here is a compilation of stories and reactions to the KFI developing story:

For more up to date info visit


Announce: Powershift by Black Women for Wellness:

11: 50 LaRita Shelby’s New Song for the President

Michael Ealy--Think Like a Man

Think Like A Man

Cole Wiley, Filmmaker Plus. Click to visit his site

Esperanza Spaulding

Click image and "Like" this page. Lots of great updates posted there about this movement to Diversify KFI.

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Tune in to hear Darlene Donloe’s view from an Entertainment Reporter’s coverage of The 84th Academy Awards.  Isidra Person-Lynn, producer/host conducts this pre-recorded interview. (We explain in the interview).

Viola Davis wraps things us for us…I found her comments from the recent prestigious awards luncheon on the Internet and always wanted to play them.  What better time to let you hear her thoughts than now? We congratulate her on her nomination and Octavia Spencer as well on her win.


Read more by Darlene of her coverage here:


Be sure to tune in to Sunday Morning Live on Sunday at 1- a.m. PST when she interviews Michael Ealy

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Click here to  listen and view this morning’s actual up to the minute schedule. Show airs  live at 10 A.M., Sunday, Feb. 26, PST or after noon on Sunday, click to listen:  (Live or on demand!)  Are you here early?  Click the link to set your reminder!

Today’s Lineup: (Subject to change) 2/26/2012

The Academy Awards Start at 4 p.m. PST on ABC

10:00 a.m. Darlene Donloe covers the Oscars and offers her final predictions.

Entertainment Reporter Darlene Donloe

10:15: Hannibal Tabu: It’s Komplicated  (Tech and Pop:

10:20 Child Abuse!

Our guest Terry Boykins says America is spending $104 B on child abuse and neglect! And the pain lasts a lifetime.

A compelling true story of courage, sacrifice and unconditional love between a man and a special needs child caught in a tumultuous abuse case within foster care, A Fragile Child’s Cry, is a true awakening for those unaware of the emotional and physical commitment needed in providing for a disabled child.

H. L. Stampleytakes readers on a journey of empathy and challenge as the tables turn and he presents the question of “What would you do in my situation.”  Now with grown children, Stampley questions his role as a father to his own children

The latest edition of "A Fragile Child's Cry"

Available at

as his love and admiration for a child in need grows to great passion.  Only to realize later that in the midst of litigation he is battling for life himself.

During the writing of A Fragile Child’s Cry, H. L. Stampley stated, ” Oftentimes the personal challenges were so insurmountable and unimaginable, I just prayed that I would make it.  I had to find the strength to carry on.”  After fourteen years, he continues advocating for the fair medical treatment of foster youth and children with disabilities.

A Fragile Child’s Cry is published by Street Positive Publications.

A portion of the proceeds from A Fragile Child’s Cry will benefit foster youth, abused and children with disabilities programs.  For more information visit

Delores Brown, IMHP, is hosting a Music Therapy Concert. Fights bunkerism and isolation………..

Sherri Franklin, explains March 10 Concert with Shante Moore  $35 tickets after Feb 29, 2012.  Go to andlook for  “A Place for Everyone, a Music Therapy Concert Series” by Institute for Maximum Human Potential.

Links: Child Abuse in the Headlines



Did you see it?  What did you think of Good Deeds?

Read Darlene Donloe’s Review:

Don’t forget!

Tune in tomorrow at Noon for Darlene Donloe’s Recap from her coverage of the Oscars! We are calling it Monday Midday Live!

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In the meantime, here are Miki Turner’s Predictions (Jet Magazine)

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Click here to  listen and view this morning’s actual up to the minute schedule. Show airs  live at 10 A.M., Sunday, Feb. 19, PST or after noon on Sunday, click to listen:  (Live or on demand!)  Are you here early?  Click the link to set your reminder!

Today’s Lineup: (Subject to change)

Intro:  Recap, Coming up, Call in or listen, Chat room
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Feature: Behind the Lens with Leroy Hamilton

10:05: Darlene Donloe, Entertainment:  Countdown to her coverage of The Oscars, Whitney Funeral
10:15 Hannibal Tabu:  It’s Komplicated (Tech & Pop)

10:21 Dr Kwaku–excerpt of his interview with Bob Marley
10:28: Cover Story: Black IndiansPompey Fixico, Seminole and William L. Katz, Author, Black Indians

11:28: Kirk Whalum, Jazz Artist, interviewed by Darlene Donloe

Sunday, Feb 19 at 10 a.m.
Darlene Donloe, Entertainment reporter interviews Kirk Whalum about his CD Romance Language and updates us on her Journey to cover the Oscars!

Hannibal Tabu gives us the Tech and Pop Report:  It’s Komplicated


Mayor Villaraigosa with Buffalo Soldiers holding Black Indian Book

Phil Wilkes Fixico- African-NativeAmerican activist, is a Seminole Maroon Descendant, Creek and Cherokee Freedmen descendant, Honorary Heniha for the Wildcat/John Horse Band of the Texas Seminoles, California Semiroon Mico, Member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry and the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts of Brackettville, Texas.

William Katz and Woody Strode

William Katz is the author of “Black Indians” and over 40 books on history.  He specializes in the history of Black Indians and the relationships between the two groups.

Black History Month:

Dr. Kwaku Interviews Bob Marley

Behind the Lens with Leroy Hamilton

Antwone Fisher and Gina Paige

Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas

See them all at: His website:

Comedy Central: President Obama


Listen to my new episode SML 63: Black Indians: Phil Wilkes Fixico, William Katz at #BlogTalkRadio

Black Indians Segnent Contact Info

Phil Wilkes  Email:

William L Katz:

The Late Whitney Houston

SML 62: Darlene Donloe on Whitney Houston, Thaddeus Carroll, and Much More!

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DUE TO RECENT NEWS OF THE Death of Whitney Houston, we will air the Michael Ealey segment in the future.  Darlene Donloe will file an extended Entertainment Segment to report on the Whitney Houston  Story.

 Hannibal brings us Tech & Pop with It’s Komplicated
The Way Forward Foundation was founded by Thaddeus

Thaddeus Carroll, and sister Azziza (Windi J) with an unnamed youth he is "adopting"

Carroll who spent 36 years in the California Dept. of Corrections but has since married, made over $100,000.00 a year, owns three cars and a four bedroom home. Best of all he works with youth and shows them The Way Forward, the name of his Foundation.
Hannibal brings us Tech & Pop with It’s Komplicated
Also Derrick Angus, Derrick’s Jamaican Cuisine, Talks About his Lovers Weekend and Valentines Day special events!
Check Out My COMPILATION of stories about Whitney Houston HERE

Dr. Kwaku brings us an excerpt of his interview with Bob Marley

These are early pics of how Whitney looked:

Kelly Price explains what happened that night at her Pre-Grammy Party:

Version of Children are our future played on Sunday Morning Live

Show: 61 Feb 5, 2012

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Click here to  listen and view this morning’s actual up to the minute schedule. Show airs  live at 10 A.M., Sunday, Feb. 5, PST or after noon on Sunday, 

  (Live or on demand!)


Greetings!  Here is a rundown of this week’s show, if you do not have time to read all this:
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This Week’s Schedule

(Approximate: Schedule Subject to Change Without Notice)

10:00 AM Welcome

10:05 Darlene Donloe, Entertainment Reporter, Don Cornelius/Academy Awards Announcements Part II

Viola Davis Go read this article and see more pics at

10:20 Dwann Brown: Superbowl Sunday Preview

10:27 Hannibal Tabu Tech and Pop: It’s Komplicated —

10:35  Dr. Kwaku: Black History Month, Hair, History, Upcoming Class

10:50 Ayuko Babu: Pan Afrikan Film and Art Festival
Hear the full interview here:

Isidra Person-Lynn interviews Ayuko Babu for Pan African Film Festival 2-9.

11:00 Phil Perry, Singer

11:10 Daphne Bradford, Educator, Mother of Many, Talks about First Michelle Obama’s visit to Los Angeles

11:20 William Byers: Building the Dream,

Cover Story:

11:30 Nadean Day, Using natural care for natural hair, Nature’s Essential Ingredients

11:47 Open Phones Krischa Esquivel: Parenting Your Natural Child

12:00 Show will repeat in a few moments!

Rest in Peace, Don Cornelius

‪Natural Hair: The Male Perspective‬

By Chevy Jones AKA Cheverly Hillz (Interview takes place at Millennium Barber Shop.)

Beauty Within

by Dead Prez

‪Martin Luther King inspired song!!! – “The Dream” (100 yrs later)‬

Horizontal Reign

‪First to Fight – The Black Tankers of WWII‬

‪Black Female Battalion of WW2‬


Double Victory is a documentary companion to Red Tails, a new film produced by George Lucas about the legendary Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, the first African American aerial unit. Tune in to Double Victory: Feb. 6th & 13th at 6am/5c. View the Classroom Guide here. Learn more about Red Tails (premiered in theaters Jan. 20th!) here: