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Jackie Penn

Jackie Penn leads this discussion about content theft. To do your homework on the topic, please view these links and be ready for the show featuring a live, esteemed panel.

Pro: Click Here

Con: Click Here

Guests: Bobby Mardis, filmmaker, Hannibal Tabu, blog owner, Bradford Bell

Bobby Martis

Bobby Martis: Producer, Writer, Director

Michael B. Jordan (left) and Tristan Wilds, co-star in Red Tails

Bradford Bell

Also, an interview with Michael B. Jordan, actor and future director, (Red Tails, Chroncle)
Segment Hosts:Tech & Pop with Hannibal TabuEntertainment with Darlene Donloe

Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn

Sunday Morning Live is a weekly news magazine, hosted and produced by Isidra Person-Lynn.

This week we profile actor Michael B. Jordan who is in Red Tails and also in Chronicle (Feb 3). Here are the trailers:


Red Tails (Opens Jan. 20)

Chronicle (Opens Feb 3)

If you want your voice heard on the piracy issue (pro or con) leave your comment at (213) 814-3511 and we will play it o the air!

The President’s entire fundraising speech at the Apollo

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