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Darlene Donloe, Entertainment

Darlene Donloe: Talks about the Oscar Nominations and Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson Tribute

Hannibal Tabu: It’s Komplicated

Have you noticed there is a Natural Hair Revolution? There are bloggers, hair product manufacturers, stylists and accessory sellers and men who love natural women.  We want them all to check in for this lively discussion.

Regina Kimbell: My Nappy Roots

Denise Estelle, Wooli Me Expo

Denise Estelle

Angela Higgins: Stylist and Makeup Artist, The MANE LOUNGE

Dr. T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh: Actress, Author

Candy Rutherford: Repping the Straighthaired Sistas

Denise Estelle:  Creator, Wooli Me Expo

Regina Kimbell:  My Nappy Roots, the movie  www.MyNappy

What we will discuss:

  • The advent of Natural Hair Shows
  • Those who wear it shaved or TWA’s
  • Loc-ticians
  • Straightened sisters feeling the “Natural Hair Gestapo.”
  • Natural sisters who feel the “Straight-Hair Gestapo.”
  • Hair products manufacturers for natural hair.
  • The impact this natural trend has on traditional Hair Care companies.
  • Feel free to share what you think should be part of the conversation.
  • Stylists (why is it so expensive?)

Angela Higgins, Image Consultant

(213) 265-6959

2711 1/2 W. Jefferson Blvd. L.A., CA 90018

Phil Perry:  Betcha Bye Golly Wow

Sh*T Relaxed Girls Say to Natural Girls by Chary Jay

Republican Debate:

Dr. T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh

Dr. T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh

Read her bio at  Also, there are photos and info about how to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  You can also buy her book there.

Join T’Keyah and Isidra and lodge a complaint about Desperate Housewives and the “errant” Afro episode with Vanessa Williams, click here;

Did you see that?

Be sure  to click the drop down arrow and select “Desperate Housewives.”

Bald Black Beauties


Direct link to an “innovatively” shot drama featuring women of varying hair types:

Regina Kimbell

Regina Kimbell:


Nadean Day: Creator of Nature’s Essential Ingredients. “Natural Hair Products for Natural Hair.” Also Known As

We will Talk about Actual Styles for Natural Hair Wearers

William Byers: The Making of the Martin Luther King Memorial

Darlene Donloe Interviews Phil Perry

Denise Estelle’s Wooli Me Expo

Thanks to all who participated!

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Jackie Penn

Jackie Penn leads this discussion about content theft. To do your homework on the topic, please view these links and be ready for the show featuring a live, esteemed panel.

Pro: Click Here

Con: Click Here

Guests: Bobby Mardis, filmmaker, Hannibal Tabu, blog owner, Bradford Bell

Bobby Martis

Bobby Martis: Producer, Writer, Director

Michael B. Jordan (left) and Tristan Wilds, co-star in Red Tails

Bradford Bell

Also, an interview with Michael B. Jordan, actor and future director, (Red Tails, Chroncle)
Segment Hosts:Tech & Pop with Hannibal TabuEntertainment with Darlene Donloe

Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn

Sunday Morning Live is a weekly news magazine, hosted and produced by Isidra Person-Lynn.

This week we profile actor Michael B. Jordan who is in Red Tails and also in Chronicle (Feb 3). Here are the trailers:


Red Tails (Opens Jan. 20)

Chronicle (Opens Feb 3)

If you want your voice heard on the piracy issue (pro or con) leave your comment at (213) 814-3511 and we will play it o the air!

The President’s entire fundraising speech at the Apollo

Thank you Jackie Penn, for your assistance with today’s segment on Internet Piracy.  Find out more about Jackie who is an actor at
Thanks to Bobby Mardis.  Learn more about him at
Thanks Bradford Bell
Thanks to Hannibal Tabu:  Check out the links he mentioned at

Great shot by Leroy Hamilton: You need to hear this man! (Tune in!) nday Morning Live)

To hear Sunday, Jan. 15th’s show featuring Rev. Al Sharpton’s powerful speech at the Empowerment Congress at USC in Los Angeles visit Thank you!

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas speaking at the Empowerment Congress

Darlene Donloe's guest, Steve Harris!

Welcome, techies everywhere!

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Darlene Donloe’s Entertainment Report

Replay of her interview with Nate Parker of Red Tails

Services set for Atty. Raymond L. Johnson Jan 12 at Holman in Los Angeles

Candid Moments

Remembering Dr. Ben.

‘Golden Voice’ Ted Williams Receives New Job Offer

Red Tails Discussion:

Tech Suggestions by Hamilton and Hannibal

(Google these for more info)

Guests:  Hannibal Tabu, writer,  Internet Gadfly, editor co owner

Leroy Hamilton:   Photography by Hamilton

Opera Browser for Black Berry, iPhone, Various Platforms. (Get it from the app store)

Siri (iPhone) – Digital Personal Assistants
Vlingo (Android) may not work on all devices

iPad: tablet
Android: tablets

Apple Operating system:  ios4.2 (up to IOS 5 now with apple system upgrade)

Shutter Snitch

Eye Fi Card

Backpack: Tamrack
New Trent Charger Battery Pack

Online Photo Albums:

SmugMug (Pro)
Flickr (free)
Photobucket (free)

Mac BookPro – Laptop


Filter Storm

Photo Gene (modfies camera settings)


Flash (Leroy’s site) but it is ok for Androids


The Cloud

Kid apps:


DJ App

NASA App Kid Friendly

Club Penguin
X Shot (Samy’s Camera) mono pod for iPhone

DJ App
Joo Joo Linux Tablet

Vest Tax spin

RF Link: To get vbale in other rooms

Our Condolences

Family of Atty. Raymond L. Johnson, Sr., Tuskegee Airman and NAACP leader

Click to learn more plus Funeral Services Jan 12

Also, the family of Geraldine Washington.  Her services are Jan. 14

On Newt, Blacks and Food Stamps

Red Tails

For Immediate Release

December 28, 2011

The Los Angeles Press Club To Host Panel Discussion
To Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

LOS ANGELES—Having recently elected Dr. Gloria Zuurveen, Founder/Owner and Publisher of PACE NEWS, as the first African American woman to its Board of Directors, the Los Angeles Press Club, located at 4773 Hollywood Boulevard, LA, CA, 90027 on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 7:00pm, will host an informational and educational panel discussion to ponder the question:
“What if the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Had Tweeted the Social Movement?”

An illustrious and distinguished list of panelists include: Former U.S. Congresswoman, Diane Watson; Robert Farrell, Former Los Angeles City Councilman and a Freedom Rider; Rev. William Smart, Chairman of the Board, SCLC-LA and a Union Organizer; Charlene Muhammad, Journalist and Blogger; and Jasmine Cannick, Journalist and Blogger. The discussion will be moderated by Author/Columnist/Scholar, Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad.

All the happenings with the social media in our world today, such as occupy Wall Street and Main Street, to effect social change, it leaves one to wonder what would the late great oratorical genius Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who changed the world with his prophetic voice of non-violence, think about what is going on today with the new phenomenal of social media.

It is for this reason that the Los Angeles Press Club thought it befitting to hold this critical discussion, especially during the week of Dr. King’s birthday, when so many people all over the world will be focused on the life and legacy he left us to reflect on.

Admission and parking is free and refreshments will be served. To RVSP contact Diana at the Los Angeles Press Club at (323) 669-8081.


Sunday Morning Live airs weekly at 10 a.m. PST. 

The live and archived segment is here:

Call In:  (619) 996-1674

Dr. Shirley Weber

Dr. Shirley Weber is a force to be reckoned with. Tomorrow we will sit at her feet and let her story inspire us.

I interviewed her back during the African American Women’s Conferences in San Diego. I’ll never forget a parenting session she hosted. She advised parents “Look, the children have their posses. We as parents need to get our own posse.” I have been parenting by posse ever since. She taught at SD State and was a school board member for 8 years.

She happens to be running for the CA State Assembly seat

Check out her FB page and site:

Call in and talk to her:  She has answers for many of life’s challenges.  (619) 996-1674.

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn has interviewed Dr. John Henrik Clarke numerous times and provides an excerpt of an interview he conducted with him.  Today is his birthday.

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Get Organized for 2012

This morning from Kinderpress, we will give away a:


Stay tuned to answer a question regarding Black History  posed by creator Deloris Holt at the end of her interview.
Call (619) 996-1674
The answer to the question we announced is: Part 1:  Duke Ellington and Part 2: The Black, Brown and Beige Suite “Come Sunday.” To win your copy visit Deloris Holt’s Facebook page for future promotions.
Dr. Shirley Weber in action!

A Lil NBA Humor for 2012

Thanks, James Bolden!

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