This week: In celebration of our 50th episode, we go back down memory lane, then interview America’s Court Judge Kevin Ross who updates us about his TV show now on in L.A.

America's Court Judge Kevin Ross. Check your local listings!


Atty. Michelle Alexander has given us permission to air her speech about Modern Day Jim Crow (The US Penal System).

Erich Martin Hicks

Also we meet Erich Martin Hicks, author of Rescue at Pine Ridge (He is a Buffalo Soldier), Hollywood stunt man, Special Effects Master and wolf whisperer. (He raises wolves!)

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Saxophonist Richard Elliott

Darlene Donloe interviews jazz saxophonist Richard Elliott and Hannibal Tabu will bring us the latest in Tech and Pop on It’s Komplicated. Dr. Kwaku, our resident historian, will give us a sneak preview of his next class–this one on Nelson Mandela, one of the most important and respected world figures of the 20th century.

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Glad Erick Sermon Made it.

Hannibal Tabu wanted me to let you all now Erick Sermon had a massive heart attack yesterday (after he recorded his segment) but he survived.  Tabu went on live yesterday on to deliver an update about it.

Erick Sermon‘s music video for his single “Music” which was featured on the What’s The Worst That Could Happen soundtrack. Samples “I’ve Got My Music” by Marvin Gaye. “I wish music could adopt me…” 🙂 Classic. Enjoy the video!

Numbers Announced in the Voices Segment:

Cassandra Roy’s School 323 757 4850 9-6 M-F (Los Angeles)

Elgin Bolling: NYC Subway Surfer…caricature:  Drawing 101 series for children (New York City)

Dr. Wendy Dearborn:  “My Life My Choice” Conscious choice workshops Google her! (Las Vegas)

Dr. Shani Byard, Message Media Ed, Digital Elder Project, Learning Center, Adams, East of La Brea 4923 W Adams, 90016 Phone:  323 708-2526 (Los Angeles)

Sybil McMiller: Host of The Pulse, Saturdays 10 a.m.

Walter Meyers III:  Conservative Committee Chairman for American Dream Outreach Committee in Orange County for the Republican Party, Facebook Page:  Walter Meyers the III

Svenya Nimmons: Author Just Because I’m Mixed Doesn’t mean I am confused

Jackie Penn (from the episode about Blacks and Asians)

A masterpiece video documentation of the Brotherhood Crusade by Leroy Hamilton.  Check it out!  And thanks Leroy for providing eye candy on our show blog!

Thank You!

A special thanks to Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn who will be featured on next week’s show 51.  Thank you to segment hosts Darlene, Hannibal, Kwaku and those who called to congratulate us:  Sybil McMiller, Cassandra Roy, Svenya Nimmons, The Subway Surfer Mr. Bolling, Jackie Penn, Dr. Shani Byard, Dr. Wendy Dearborn.  Thanks to our guests Erich Hicks, Judge Kevin Ross, Atty. Michelle Alexander and anyone else who I may have missed.   THANK YOU!

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Isidra Person-Lynn

I started my research on my Facebook Page.  You can click the link to download the Grand Jury report AND READ IT FOR YOURSELF.

Penn State:  Rape, Murder and Race.  Read it for yourself.

Are Black Boys at the Center of this horrendous story?

Grand jury report in Penn State child sex case
    • Isidra Person-LynnThe murder part: Ray Gricar served as the district attorney for Pennsylvania’s Centre County in 1998 when Sandusky was accused of sexually abusing several boys. After an extensive investigation, which included testimony by two law enforcement officers that they had overheard Sandusky admitting to showering with multiple young boys, Gricar decided no criminal charges would be filed, according to recent court documents. Sandusky retired the next year.Then, in April 2005, Gricar disappeared. His car and laptop were found but the hard drive was missing. When it was recovered it was damaged beyond repair.

      Yesterday at 8:15am ·
    • Isidra Person-LynnThe race part: I read Earl Ofari’s article questioning if race was at the crux of why this had been covered up so long. Apparently, he wrote, the majority of the molested youth were African American. I have looked for reports in the mainstream media and have found none. A mother of Victim 1 was interviewed but her face and voice were altered. But Ofari is right that “underprivileged” has always been a buzz word for our children. The plot thickens.

      Yesterday at 8:17am ·
    • Sybil McMillerI’m glad u posted this… but in this case I wish facebook would have a “dis-like” button!!! Shame on PSU!

      Yesterday at 8:18am ·
    • Tim PersonVery true.cuz very.sad.

      Yesterday at 8:19am ·
    • Isidra Person-LynnAt first, I almost felt sorry for Joe Paterno, ending a storied career like this because of what some other man did. But who leaves any man alone with a child after witnessing him doing all sorts of dastardly anal and oral things? The whistle blower was right to report it, but at the least he could have rescued that one child. But then it is easy to say if it wasn’t you and you did not see YOUR hero doing such things. Stay Tuned.

      Yesterday at 8:22am ·
    • Isidra Person-LynnTwitter is abuzz if you search Sandusky, Penn State and Black Boys but Facebook (on my page anyway) seems silent. What gives?

      Yesterday at 8:25am ·
    • Jenn RobertsI don’t feel sorry for Paterno at all. I am considered a mandatory reporter in my profession, but I think all people should be mandatory reporters. He could have and should have done more. Even if he thought telling his athletic director was enough, when he realized nothing was happening thy is cue to call the cops or anonymously report. You don’t have to say who you are when you report incidents like this so there’s really no excuse good enough in my opinion.

      Yesterday at 8:33am ·
    • Kevin RhodesIsidra, PSU has assignment a Black trustee to head up the investigation…..that should tell you who the victims are!

      Yesterday at 8:51am ·
    • Tee Jefferson Lyonsthis is just the worst thing i have heard and it’s been going on for so long, i just feel so terrible for the victims.

      Yesterday at 8:59am ·
    • Isidra Person-LynnKevin I had heard that but did not find the story. I will search now that you said it. I know you know what you’re talking about. Tee, I feel you! And Jenn, you are right. We must all report. I only felt sorry for him because I had not read the story for what it was and I have a soft spot for old people.

      Yesterday at 9:32am ·
    • Isidra Person-LynnBTW, the first link under “Read it for yourself” actually goes to the PDF of the report. This Sandusky guy was relentless.

      Yesterday at 9:36am ·
    • Kathy WilliamsonWow… thanks for sharing, Isidra.

      21 hours ago ·
    • My research continues:  Read these stories!

    THIS IS NOT NEW. This story ALSO involved black boys: Another Era and Another Sport Sex Abuse Scandal Still Inflicting Pain Today:

  • From EUR WEB:

It Begins at Home: Parents, please closely monitor your children’s interaction with anyone.  Child sexual abuse ruins generations.  Monitor your own boyfriends and girlfriends access to your children, monitor older siblings, step children, step-parents, neighbors, relatives,–teachers and yes, coaches.  If there is no access, no one can sexually or any other way abuse your child.  And if you are the abuser, PLEASE GET HELP.  It is unconscionable allow a child to be hurt in any way.