The world is going crazy, and while I would love to report all about it, we’ve got to move.  So this Sunday we will be dark and when we return it will be Nov. 6 and that will be our 50th show!

Please share your voice with us:  (213) 814-3511  Especially if you were a former guest, give us the update. Record a 3-5 minute message there and we will include your voice in next week’s show.  Next week, if we cannot broadcast on location, we will instead take a retrospective look and have out last 2 hour show.  We will be leaner and meaner and do a 60 minute show from Show 51 on.

By the way, last week, I was looking for a moving checklist to make sure I took care of everything.  I signed up on this one site and it asked for my number,  I gave it my Skype message number and I have been getting tons of calls from MOVERS!  We have 5 sons.  We don’t need movers!  Learn from my mistake:  NEVER GIVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER OUT WHEN TRYING TO GET INFO.  A SALESMAN (MEN/WOMEN/EXTRA TERRESTRIALS) will call!  See you Nov. 6 unless something major happens!

Links–I’ll add more as they come to me: