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10:00 Welcome/News

Brian Lindeman, Creative Circle

10:10 Today, on Part IV of our Finding income Streams series, we meet Brian Lindeman, Regional Manger of Creative Circle, a temp and permanent staffing agency for creative people.  They have offices in:

Atlanta  Boston  Chicago  Dallas  Los Angeles  New Jersey  New York  Philadelphia  San Francisco  Seattle  South Florida

10:35: Hannibal Tabu–It’s Komplicated (Tech & Pop)

Tanya Kersey, Hollyood Black Film Festival

10:40 Darlene Donloe interviews Tanya Kersey, Hollywood Black Film Festival.

Donloe’s Lowdown:

Andre Meadows, Black Nerd Comedy

11:00 Andre Meadows, of Back Nerd Comedy.  You Tube star!

Here’s his clip:

11:30 Chyna McGarrity Namho Johnson Products Shero of the Week and Domestic Violence survivor.

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11:55 – 12:00 Thank Yous/Outro

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Johnson Products Shero Chyna Garrity Namho

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, in Oklahoma City. Written by Lisa Miller-Baldwin, the Wonderfully Made Foundation.

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