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Actor Michael Jai White

10:00 Michael Jai White, Interviewed by Darlene Donloe, Entertainment Reporter

10:30: Tech & Pop:  Hannibal Tabu

10:40  Domestic Violence:  Coverage of my trip to Washington, DC with Johnson Products

11:00 Sean Croxton –Unheard (We will air the latter part of his talk we did not get to share)

Stephanie Brown, Party-Lite Consultant

Denese Straughn, Avon Representative

11:10 Finding Income Streams–Stephanie Brown (Party Lites)  and Denese Straughn (Avon)

Stephanie Brown is an Independent Consultant with PartyLite.  She also holds the position of Residency Program Coordinator for a Virginia Medical School.

She started her PartyLite business in March of 2011and has given parties all over the country. She was recently promoted to Unit Leader with PartyLite. Support her business by visiting her website at

Denese Straughn is an independent representative with Avon Products, having started her own business in the Spring of 2011.  Her leadership skills were soon recognized and she was quickly promoted to training leader, having 44 representatives on her team.  “I enjoy sharing with women of color the many products that compliment our skin and body needs.” Avon is not just cosmetics anymore; clothes, shoes, household items & men’s items all are available at her webstore:

First Ever Congressional Hearing on Domestic Violence and Impact on Children— Feat. Norwood Young, singer, author, April Hernandez Castillo (actress-Freedom Writers), members of NCADV and Makers of Memories Foundation as well as Johnson Product’s Shero Lisa Miller Baldwin.

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Resources: National Council Against Domestic Violence

Makers of Memories Foundation:

Johnson Products Company No Excuse Stop the

Shero Lisa Miller Baldwin (shelter)

April Hernandez’ FB Page:

Bethany House of Northern Virginia (shelter):

Norwood Young:

Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness--Part II--The Part We Missed from Last Week's Show

Rita Smith, National Council Against Domestic Violence, Lisa Miller Baldwin,Shero, Johnson Products' Honoree, Renee Brown, VP Johnson Products and Norwood Young, Spokesperson, NCADV

Special Thanks:

Darlene Donloe

Deborah Brandy

Johnson Products

Norwood Young

Brian Martin

Tommy Davidson: ‪Tommy Davidson – Takin’ It To DC Part 3‬

Sean Croxton

Stephanie Brown and Denese Straughn

Sean Croxton

Hannibal Tabu

Dr. Kwaku

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At my sons’ elementary school, an educator there, Deborah Brandy,  has kept in touch with her bevy of now professionals–lawyers and doctors and executives, even though she is now a principal herself.  And for those who are unemployed she sends out regular jobs updates  This is the latest:

From Salon:

Obama’s forgotten triumphs

Speech at King Monument:

His presidency actually attacked deeply unfair policies. Too bad few Americans even know they exist

By Suzanne Mettler