Scott A. Roberts talks about Occupy D.C. and the Occupy movement.

James Reynolds, Days of Our Lives

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Since When Did it Become in Vogue to Bash the President?  A Different perspective  Int. w/ Scott Roberts, who worked on the Obama campaign in Philadelphia, organizing mostly working and middle class black folks. “Since then, I’ve been working on Progressive issue campaigns with and Progressive Maryland. So I’ve been both building support for the President’s initiative while also trying to push his position further to the left.”

Donloe’s Lowdown:  Entertainment with Darlene Donloe.  Her guest?  James Reynolds of Days of Our Lives

Hannibal Tabu:  Tech & Pop — It’s Komplicated at 9 p.m. on

Clifton Powell, Actor, On Dark Girls, the movie

Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn  After DarkGirls_Movie, he interviews Clifton Powell, Michael Colyar and Qasim Basir (Mooz-Lum)

The Late Rev. Fred. P. Shuttlesworth

Remembering Rev. Shuttlesworth: Beverly White KNBC Reporter, Pres. NABJ, So. Cal Chapter

Norma T. Hollis, Authentic Voice Doctor

Finding Income Streams Pt II: Norma T. Hollis–Public Speaking .

Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness

Healthy: What?  Wheat Could be the Reason You Can’t Stop Eating? And other health issues with Sean Croxton, founder of Underground Wellness, author of the soon to be released Dark Side of Weight Loss. You can download a sample at

Healthy: What?  Wheat Could be the Reason You Can’t Stop Eating? And other health issues with Sean Croxton, founder of Underground Wellness, author of the soon to be released Dark Side of Weight Loss.

Do your homework and read a part of Sean’s book!  Got questions?  Pre-tape them at our Skype Audio Recorder: (213) 814-3511.  Great idea for archive listeners to participate!

Finding Income Streams Pt II: Public Speaking as a Way to Augment Your Income and Promote Your Brand with Norma Thompson-Hollis.

Ever go to a job interview only to find out not one position there was designed for you? There is another way! Details to be added!

Remembering Rev. Fred. P.  Shuttlesworth:

Thanks to KNBC Reporter and NABJ (So Cal) Chapter President Beverly White for her interview remembering him.

James Reynolds, Days of Our Lives

James Reynolds was raised in the small farming community of Oskaloosa, Kansas. “It was great growing up in a small town,” he recalls. “The town’s entire population came to only eight hundred and our lifestyle was generally one of peace and quiet, disturbed only rarely by an unexpected event. My grandparents told me of the time they were held hostage overnight by several escaped convicts from the nearby Leavenworth Federal Prison. That, of course, was the exception to the rule and it was the biggest news event to occur in Oskaloosa within anyone’s memory.” In high school, the subjects Reynolds enjoyed most were English and History. With a small student Read More

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Scott A. Roberts with a fellow demonstrator, Occupy DC in McPherson Square. They need blankets, food and more: There is an excellent interview with him in the Washington Post:



L.A. Care Health Outreach Program, photographed and produced by Leroy Hamilton/ Event directed by Auleria Eakins!

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Next Week

October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month and next week we will cover Johnson Products  in our Nation’s capital for a Congressional Hearing on Domestic Violence.  Johnson Products has launched an initiative called No Excuse! Stop the Abuse!  for 3 years running because of its signature brand Gentle Treatment.  The first year JPC donated a Beauty Center in a Women’s shelter in Chicago, the birthplace of Johnson Products founded by George E Johnson,  last year they brought it home to where the current Johnson Products headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and donated over $100,000 to three charities there, and this year we are headed to the nation’s capital and the shelter there, Bethany House, will be this year’s recipient.  We have also chosen a Shero to joins, her nme is Lisa Miller Baldwin from Oklahoma City.  I Interview all of the Sheroes and do they have stories to tell…they come from all walks of life and all over the country.  Visit and you can read and hear their stories.  Also next week Darlene Donoe will have Michael Jai White, and I caught up with Andre Meadows who does a Youtube show called Black Nerd Comedy –we’ll also have  part 3 of our 6 part series on finding income streams dealings with Party Lites and Avon  and how companies like these have been boosting income for people  and can be lucrative Stephanie Brown and an Avon colleague of hers, Denese ,will join us.


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