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This week on Sunday Morning Live:

10:00 Sunday Morning News Wrap Up:  Isidra Person-Lynn

10:10 Hannibal Tabu’s Tech & Pop: It’s Komplicated

10:15 Meet the Restauranteur: Derrick Pipkin of PIPS on La Brea a hot new eatery in Southern California

10:28 Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn

10: 35 Part 1 (Six part series) Finding Income Streams:  Victor Miller, Farmer’s Insurance

Interview with Isidra Person-Lynn on insurance as n option, on interviewing, and on networking from the founder of Recycling North Dallas Dollars.

11:30 a.m. End (Short show this morning! Back to House Hunting!)

About our Guests:

Victor Miller,Vice President of Agency Development at Farmers Insurance | Founder at Recycling North Dallas Dollars


Read up on Victor C. Miller at Linked In:

Call Victor: (972) 801-2580

Email Victor:

Derrick Pipkin, owner of PIPS on La. Brea.  We interviewed him last Saturday. Great place! Esteemed photographer Leroy Hamilton captured him and the restaurant last year.

Vesta Williams Services Tuesday at West Angeles in Los Angeles


Details for the final services for Vesta Williams are at Radio Facts Magazine: Click Here  Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 11 a.m.


Funeral of Troy Davis

Occupy L.A.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Continue In Manhattan, Begin Elsewhere [LATEST UPDATES]

Source:  Huffington Post

Source: My Fox LA

Actual Video of President’s Speech to Congressional Black Caucus


Waters to Obama (Video): ‘We’re not Complaining’

Source:  EURWEB

*Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., a member of the Congressional Black Caucus who’s been critical this year of President Obama’s response to the high unemployment within the black community, said she found it “curious” that Mr. Obama this weekend told black leaders to “stop complaining.”

“I don’t know who he was talking to because we’re certainly not complaining,” Waters said on CBS’ “The Early Show.” “We’re working. We support him, and we’re protecting that base because we want people to be enthusiastic about him when that election rolls around.”


Published on Sep 26, 2011 by

Erica Hill talks to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) about Pres. Obama’s speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, in which he told the crowd to “stop complaining” and “put your marching shoes on.”

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Does President Obama Address Hispanic and Black Audiences Differently? Let’s Take a Look at the Transcripts

Source:  Dr. Boyce Watkins “Your Black World”

Bounce TV Launches With Will Packer, Rob Hardy At Helm

Source: Huffington Post Black Voices

Russell Simmons Looking to Buy a TV Network

Morono Kiang Gallery presents Kamau Daaood, Live at MKG.

Legendary Los Angeles poet Kamau Daaood will be performing live at Morono Kiang Gallery on Saturday October 8, 2011 at 7:00 pm sharp!
Mr. Daaood will be accompanied by Bassist Mr. Trevor Ware

Kamau Daaood’s performance is part of Listen With Your Eyes,
A Celebration of Jazz in L.A.
Special thanks to Alden Kimbrough for his help and support.

Admission to this event is FREE

218 West 3rd Street, Bradbury Building
Los Angeles, CA 90013
tel : 213.628.8208

Calendar of events (will be posted as the dates become available):

Michael Jackson Isn’t on Trial

“…Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial this week. Accused of violating standards of medical care by leaving Michael unattended and failing to call 911, his defense will do whatever they can to keep him from serving jail time. They’ll argue his innocence, his years of service and most importantly, they will attempt to put Michael on trial yet again. Already this week, we heard the defense argue that Michael died from a combination of tranquilizers and a surgical anesthetic he took without Murray’s knowledge. Defense attorney Ed Chernoff even stated that Michael took enough prescription drugs to ‘put six of you to sleep’ and then somehow he self-administered Propofol (anesthetic usually used in hospitals). It is an outrageous statement compounded by the fact that it is Dr. Murray himself that stands accused of administering Propofol in excessive quantities and then leaving Michael unattended. “ Read More at the link:


Dr. Boyce: Five Reasons the NBA is Now Afraid of Black Men

What the Hayell? Delonte West Working At Furniture Store During NBA Lockout
October 1, 2011 By Kirsten West Savali View Comments

Derek Fisher Continues to Urge Unity
Basketball News & NBA Rumors


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