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This week on Sunday Morning Live:

10:00 Welcome from Isidra Person-Lynn – host/producer

10:10 Hannibal Tabu – Tech and Pop

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10:20 Troy Davis Recap–Vigil on Crenshaw with Najee Ali, Project Islamic Hope; Blair Taylor, Urban League and more

Jackee Harry Interviewed by Darlene Donloe

10:45 Darlene Donloe — Entertainment Report  Darlene interviews Jackee Harry who will be on Life After on TV One.  The two talk about Vesta who passed away last Thursday.  She writes about it on her blog:

11:15 Candid Moments: Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn interviews Crystal Gardner–One Young Woman’s Life with Albinism.

Najee Ali AKA

Click here for Wednesday’s Troy Davis Vigil photos

11:45 Outro/Announcements

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The Racial Divide is There and Waiting by Bill Boyarsky, Truth Dig

Scientists Reconstruct Video Clips From Brain Activity In Historic Experiment


Compton NAACP: Paulette Gipson, Director


Compton NAACP Email:


Phone:   (310) 763-2002

R.I.P. Vesta!


Join us for an intimate look into the life of Charise Johnson, a vibrant young African-American woman with a 10-year-old son and a busy life. When you first see her you can tell right away she’s different. Charise has Albinism. And when you get to know her you will discover she really is different and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In 1974, when Charise was born, a childhood free of major health problems is not what life had in store for her. At the age of nine she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. By the time Charise became an adult, she’d had several surgeries, a temporary ostomy bag, and ultimately had her large intestines removed entirely; after which she developed Crohn’s disease. Arthritis has left her in need of knee replacements and a lifetime of damage to her skin from the sun has lead to re-occurring skin cancers.

Charise, being blessed with a mature and supportive family had incredible support throughout her developmental years. They are what kept her grounded when the social pains far outweighed her physical ills. There was no shortage of bullies and teasers in Charise’s life. Even as an adult she can’t escape the verbal abuse of strangers with statements like “what are you?”.

In “Charise: A Portrait of an African American with Albinism”, Charise shares with us, her pains and her joys. She talks about her family life and what it is like having Albinism from medical, social and personal perspectives.

Directed by: Tressa Sanders
For more information about the documentary, please visit:

Deadly Hunt: Albinos in Tanzania

United Nations, New York, 19 October 2009 – In Tanzania, albinos – people who lack pigmentation in their skin, hair and eyes – have long suffered discrimination. Recently they have begun living in terror. Rumors about their magical powers are having deadly consequences.

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Melissa Herbert posted: This weekend: check out the film-Black Power Mixtape…it is playing this weekend @ Nuart Landmark Theatre (11272 Santa Monica Blvd, off of Sawtelle). Showtimes for Sat: 12:30, 5:00, 7:30, 9:50 (also playing Sunday).It’s a film about the time period 1967-1975 from a Swedish reporter’s perspective with narration by Ericka Badu, Talib Kweli, QuestLove, etc…I know u will find it intellectually stimulating…it puts alot of what this country has done in the past and our history in perspective.



Carmelo and Isidra Person-Lynn in Union City Atlanta to stream Melo-Philly game Sunday


The exhibition game featuring LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul as teammates will be streamed online by Sports Illustrated.

The game between Melo’s All-Stars and Team Philly on Sunday night in Philadelphia is being called the “Battle of I-95.” The four NBA stars will play for the Melo team, based in Baltimore. The Philly team is led by former Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans of Sacramento and Hakim Warrick of Phoenix.

It will be the first live basketball game produced and streamed by Paul Fichtenbaum, managing editor, says in a statement Thursday that “it promises to be one of our most ambitious live video productions to date.”

The game at the Palestra starts at 6 p.m.

Sports Illustrated is a publication of Time Inc., a unit of Time Warner Inc.

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