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There is something about these two groups of people…In some communities we are joined at the hip yet pass each other like two ships in the night.  Many African American men have married and had children with Asian women of the various countries.  Some met during the wars, others in latter days.  We will talk about it all this Sunday!

Our guest will be Jackie Penn, an actor and engineer.  He has experienced many facets of the African American Asian experience.

Here is the morning schedule:

10:00 Intro: host Isidra Person-Lynn–Call to support Leimert Park Sept. 22

10:07: Tech and Pop Culture with Hannibal Tabu,

10:10 The relationship between Asians and African Americans with Jackie Penn and friends

Maria More, Blasian Atlanta DJ

Onica Cupido Euphoria Luv, Blogger, Mom of Blasian Child

Eric L. Robinson, Editor

11:20  Atty: Nana Gyamfi about Death Row Inmate Troy Davis

Noon:  Sign Off

About our Guests:

Jackie Penn

Jackie Penn Says:


I date my earliest interest in becoming an actor back to when I was four years old. I remember seeing cowboys on television and wanting to be one of them. However, it wasn’t until completing engineering school that I began pursuing my acting career. Since this beginning there’s no turning back. I find the exact science of engineering and the artistic freedoms of acting to be a very interesting mix.  I understand much of the science of the equipment, as well as the behavior of the characters I play.

I find the more I experience about life, people and the world the better I become as a person and actor. I was born and reared in South Central Los Angeles and now have the opportunity to travel internationally.  I find the differences and similarities among cultures very interesting and want to experience these things for myself, and not have to accept other peoples experiences . I want to provide my family opportunities that were not available to me when I was growing up. With success I will do this!


     Television – I played the part of Angry man #1 on the Martin Show, produced by HBO. I was one of two police officers that arrested Todd Bridges in Bobby Mardis’ film titled Circle Of Pain, also starring Glen Turman and Anna Maria Horsford, that aired on ShowTime.

Film – In March of ’10 I landed a lead role playing a homeless man who thinks he’s God and is very disappointed with what man has done to mother earth. The director is Japanese and the character is loosely based on the ancient Japanese character, Noh.  It was very interesting mimicking the movement of this character in uneven sand.

In May ’10 I completed a supporting role in the film, Uncovered. This was a very dynamic character that gave me some room to “play”. In July ’10 I completed a film titled: Stupid People. The name may imply comedy, but it is a serious action drama piece. This project gave me the opportunity to show different levels of the character that includes high intensity. In January of ’08 I played the part of a drug dealer in the film titled: Santa Monica Tony. It was a lot of fun doing it and I had to remind myself “this is only a movie”. Recently I played the part of Steevon, the wedding photographer in Michael Fouther’s film titled Cordially Invited. Prior to this I worked on several USC and L.A. Film School projects.

I’m real excited about getting a clip, with my son and I speaking English and Japanese, edited and uploaded to my site.  I am fortunate to book quality projects and I enjoy working with the cast and crews of the productions that hire me.

Stage – In the summer of ’09 I did a stretch at The Next Stage Theater in the production of Hollywood Stories. The stage experience was great as well as working with the other actors. I frequently called upon my improv skills during some performances, because sometimes the moment took us in different directions.

Onica Cupido, Editor of  Euphoria Luv

Onica Cupido is mom to a biracial son, lover of social media, techie stuff & cookies. Onica is Founder and Editor of Euphoria Luv a community blog to raise awareness about Asian & Black families and their community. Onica is also the Editor of The Mommy Factor where she shares a mom’s opinion on parenting, pr/media events, and more.

Onica Cupido AKA Euphoria Luv, blogger

Nikki’s (as she is affectionately called) specialty is the Asian Black Connection:

Here’s what she writes about herself:

Hi, I’m Nikki. I was born in Guyana, South America, but lived in the NYC area for the past 30 something years. A few years ago I started a community called Euphoria Luv for interracial (Asian & Black ) couples and families. I wanted to provide a place that offered support, information and resources.

After having my son, who’s Korean and West Indian (Black) aka blasian I started the Blasian Baby Notes mommy blog where I share about my life as a mom along with my thoughts on social & community issues affecting black women with biracial children and the mixed race community.

Beside the blasian community I also advocate on issue affecting black women. I was recently invited to Walt Disney World to learn about and give feedback about The Princess and The Frog, their first movie featuring an African American princess.

I’m currently working on more project which includes guest blogging on various sites that promote a positive image of black women, biracial children and the mixed race community.

Eric L. Robinson

Eric L. Robinson, Black Tokyo

Black Tokyo Website:  Black Tokyo (BT) was created to provide a voice and a network for Blacks living in Japan. BT also seeks to provide news on Japan and addresses inaccurate information, stereotypes and other issues concerning African-Americans in Japan. This site does not seek to bash Japan or its inhabitants. BT’s main purpose is to provide the reader with information and encourage discussion on Japan.

Black Tokyo Webmaster:  Eric L. Robinson (Zurui) is a Detroit, Michigan native who has lived and worked in Asia for about two decades. He is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, having spent a little over 16-years in Japan, his Black Tokyo blog posts have been mentioned on CNNCNN Political BlogFrance 24The GuardianThe Huffington PostThe Japan Times and others.

This past March, Robinson spoke at the University of California at Berkeley with: Mitzi Uehara Carter (PhD – Anthropology candidate and blogger of Grits and Sushi) and Fredrick Cloyd (a scholar at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Anthropology) on the topic of: “Deployment, Bases, and the US Military in Movement: Imagining Japan and the Self Through Race & Sex” which examined how racial narratives and identities are shaped and transformed as US soldiers and veterans, local citizens, spouses, and tourists intermingle in Japan and Okinawa.

Robinson earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the State of New York, diplomas from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Basic and Intermediate Korean; and is currently completing his Master of Arts in Security Studies – Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. In his spare time, he works on his factual novel and afromentary that deals with his experiences in Japan and other parts of Asia from 1980 to present. He and speaks English, Japanese and Korean.

Additional background information:

Black Tokyo website:

Black Tokyo Twitter: 

Mitzi’s Blog:

Berkeley event:

Frederick’s blog:

Maria More:Blasian Atlanta DJ

Maria More, Blasian Atlanta DJ

Yesterday, in Atlanta at a promotion for Johnson Products involving Carmelo Anthony, I met Maria More and learned that she is a dedicated on air personality at 107.9, ATL’s only hip hop station. I got a short interview with her about our topic this morning on Blacks and Asians.  She is half African American and half Filipino.

The music: Hiroshima

When Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn worked at A&M records, he helped discover Hiroshima and brought them into the industry.  They are an Asian band, found in the middle of the African American community and their music has been featured on back themed stations for years. Although it is beautifully Asian, it still has the basic R&B construct.

We Are Troy Davis--Photo From

Atty. Nana Gyamfi on TROY DAVIS

brings us up to speed on the Troy Davis execution set for just a few days 9/21).

To reach Atty. Gyamfi: