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SML 41: Jobs, Dr. Keith Black, Brain Surgeon Pt 2, Jarim’s Brass Knuckle Finance and Jaaye on the Law

Written by Isidra Person-Lynn
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This week on Sunday Morning Live

10 a.m Pacific Daylight Time:

Intro–Atlanta Review

10:00 Tech & Pop:   Hannibal Tabu (Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. Details at link!)

This week on Sunday Morning Live

10 a.m PDT

Intro-isidra’s Atlanta Review

10:00 Tech & Pop:   Hannibal Tabu (Tonight at 9 p.m.)

10:15 JOBS– Why You Might not be Getting One! with Stephana Metoyer, HR Consultant

10: 30 Jobs Pt II:  Dean Jones, President, Southland Corporation

10: 45 FINANCES:  Excerpt from Brass Knuckle Finance, the Audio Book by Jarim Person-Lynn

Keyboardist Jeff Logan

10:55 Darlene Donloe Interviews Jeff Logan, Keyboardist.

11:10: Dr. Keith Black, Brain Surgeon, Part 2 (Recorded at the Mayme Clayton Museum.  Interviewed by Angela DeJoseph.  For Part I visit SML #41

11:30  Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn Rep. Walter Fauntroy on the selling of America!

12:00 Recap and sign off!

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About Our Guests:

Dean Jones is the CEO of the Southland Partnership Corporation


Stephna Metoyer, HR Consultant

Stephana Metoyer, HR Consultant

Jeff Logan

When listening to different artists, unique things resonate.  It may be an instrument, a voice, the lyrics or the mood that captures our attention.  Keyboardist Jeff Logan’s songs seduce with sweet, sticky melodies poured over simply produced jazz-pop instrumentals and sensual R&B grooves.  We recently sent you his forthcoming Black Tie Affair CD, which will be released August 9th on his BASS-mint Records label (

In this often disposable era of music that swiftly fades from memory, Logan’s compositions stand as a refreshing contrast.  He recognizes that artists come and go, but well-crafted songs stand the test of time.  His natural, easy way with melodies rises to the fore on Black Tie Affair, the prolific writer’s seventh album, which he produced and performed as a one-man band including piano, keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion, drums and drum programming.  There is an undeniable charm to the pristine production and unpretentious instrumentation, which provide the perfect runway from which Logan’s vibrant melodies and agile keyboard artistry take flight on the ten original songs and two covers that comprise the collection.

Bursting forth with radiant light and playful, quixotic instrumental flourishes, “Sunbreeze” opens the disc.  The first track serviced to radio, “Black Tie Affair,” featuring an elegant piano and rousing organ duet over a bouncy Go-Go beat, is receiving airplay across the nation.  “Smile” shines radiantly when the piano and acoustic guitar dialect unfolds with character and grace.  One of two vocal numbers, the laidback groove along with Logan’s soulful falsetto makes “Smoothology 101” into a steamy boudoir romancer.  Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Favorite Things” is presented in a formal, recital-like salute amidst eloquent piano and searing organ soloing.  A retro electronic groove sets the pace on “Water To Wine.”  The adventurous “Improvise” vacillates in mood and tempo with a haunting vocal scat thrown in to accent the sweltering, rhythmically astute groove.  Perhaps the prize in the cereal box comes in the form of the unexpected lilting instrumental take on The Ohio Players’ hit “Sweet Sticky Thing.”  Emerging from a deep bass and drum groove is the buoyantly melodic “Noteworthy.”  “Sand ‘N Between” is a sophisticated dance with heart across a classy ballroom.  More falsetto vocals and a thumping bass propel the funky “Stratosphere.”  Zippy, fun and a gleeful flashback reminiscent of New Wave synth-pop, “Elevator Up” ends the affair on a bright note.

Born, raised and still residing in the Washington, DC-Baltimore area, Logan is a self-taught musician who played in a high school band that opened local shows for Motown legends such as Martha & The Vandellas and Junior Walker & The All-Stars.  He has continued to pursue his passion for music over the past 21 years while serving as an administrator at the Prince George’s County detention center.  Logan launched his own label in 2002 to release his debut disc, Soulitude, as well as subsequent releases that explored contemporary jazz, R&B, gospel and neo-soul.  Hungry to reach a wider audience, Black Tie Affair is his first release to be supported by radio promotions, marketing and publicity campaigns.

My flight to Atlanta. Eunice is my witness of what I say in this CinchCast!

My Flight to Atlanta:  Listen what happened to me!


Thank Yous:

Thank God for 42 Shows! Thank you, everyone, for listening, reposting, retweeting and spreading the word.  Especially thank God and my family, Darlene Donloe and her guest Jeff Logan. Thanks to Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn, Jarim and Jaaye Person-Lynn for guest hosting.   And thanks again to the Maye Clayton Library for the Dr. Keith Black and Angela De Joseph interview. Thanks Stephana Metoyer for much more than that interview. Thanks to those in the chat room and those who listen but never scroll to the chat room.  And thank you, too!

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