Donald Bakeer's Family. He has 7 Children.

Donald Bakeer acting in South Central

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Donald Bakeer is author of “South Central L.A. CRIPS (1987)“, the novel that in tandem with its critically acclaimed film adaptation, “South Central” (Warner Bros. 1992), has been the most powerful artistic combination to combat the 35 year old gang murder epidemic that has now become a culture for many. These two works, and Bakeer’slast novel, The Story of the 1992 L.A. Uprising-“Inhale Gasoline & Gunsmoke!”, are critical in his strategy to end the gang wars with art and fight a growing culture of anti-literacy.

Bakeer, recently retired after 30 years teaching English in several of South Central L.A.’s toughest schools, is a renowned poet and speaker, a 15 year member and former President of the International Black Writers and Artists who has been one of the most influential voices in South Central L.A. for over 3 decades, now. Known to many as “The Master Poet”, Bakeer has performed hundreds of times over the past 30 years in schools, churches, mosques, night clubs, restaurants, bookstores, and festivals in the area. He is the dedicated father of 9, has mentored many, and taught hundreds of people to be poets.

Donald Bakeer

CRIPS and …Inhale Gasoline & Gunsmoke… are action packed, historical novels that chronicle the evolution of black L.A. from the Watts riots in 1965 through the 1992, South Central L.A. Rebellion.

“I wrote these novels after teaching thousands of students and interviewing over 500 gangsters over a period of 11 years. My intent is to put an end to the tradition of gang murder that has claimed well over 10 thousand lives. The rising tide of electronic media and the acquiescence to ‘post literate age’ status for the underclass (N*GG*S) by educators have combined with the moral deterioration of the family to create a violent cult among our youth. At the heart of the problem is a closet illiteracy that prohibits the most violent youths’ participation in legitimate society. My books are written to change hearts and liberate minds (by inspiring the anti-literate to read). The books are crafted to be ammunition against the traditions that make murder fair seeming and violence (for problem solving) most admired.” They are tried and proven over the past 17 years to be most effective in eradicating illiteracy.

My books are meant to enlighten and entertain society, in general, but they are, specifically, crafted to be rights of passage novels for many who would read nothing if it was not about them and addressed specifically to them. I write to eradicate mental blight amongst the underclass. I write to create light.

The books are used quite effectively in classrooms, and, prominently, by libraries, book clubs, et al. The hardback books are1st and 2d editions and in limited supply, so they are collectibles and make enduring gifts.

With All Humility,
Donald Bakeer

Sunday Aug. 28: 

This Sunday at 3 p.m. in Leimert Park at the new Jinga Jinga Cafe (3347 1/2 43rd Place, 90008 Formerly 5th Street Dick’s) famed author Donald Bakeer (“South Central” the movie/CRIPS the novel) will be lecturing and reading from his beautiful and inspiring new memoir, “I, Too, Can Create Light”. He will be autographing books afterward. Everyone is encouraged to come and enjoy the historic ambience of Leimert Park’s most famous site formerly “5th Srteet Dick’s”.

SML #41 Show Schedule:

10:00 Intro- Darlene Donloe’s Entertainment report:  NAACP Theater Awards Check out her blog at
10:05 Clip: Dr. Ed Jackson, Jr., an Alpha, Executive architect MLK National Memorial Project“Why a Chinese Sculptor was Chosen.”  
10:08 Tech & Pop by Hannibal Tabu,
10:10 Donald Bakeer, author I Too Can Create Light and Cris, the book made into the hit movie South entral.
11:00 Excerpts:  Dr. Keith Black speaks at the Mayme Clayton Museum; interviwed by Angela De Joseph.
11:30 Dr. Kwaku interviews 9th grader who wants to follow in Dr. Keith Black’s footsteps.
11:40 Sunday Morning review


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