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This week on Sunday Morning Live

10 a.m Pacific Daylight Time:

The Cubicle Chick--Danyelle Little, St. Louis

10:00 The Cubicle Chick (Danyelle Little)- How to Make Money With Your Blog http://www.thecubiclechick.comBloggers love blogging.  They would quit their day jobs if they could.  But can they? Can you?

10:30 Tech & Pop with Hannibal Tabu Tune in to his live TV show tonight at 9 PDT at And look for his wife Myshell’s Mommy blog (and other things). Links at

Ava DuVernay

10:35 Darlene Donloe Interviews Ava Duvernay. Great news about her acclaimed movie “I Will Follow.” It is coming out on DVD.  Wednesday is Ava’s birthday!  Stop by her Facebook Page and wish her a Happy Day!  She has a new movie due out soon about the life of a wife of a prisoner.  It’s called “Middle of Nowhere.”  Listen to Darlene’s interview for details!

Organic Groove by David Ornette Cherry

11:00 David Ornette Cherry, Part 2: Organic Musical Discussion  Does the Natural Hair Movement mean a social awakening? Plus, Mr. Cherry teaches us something new! 11:30 Walking and Talking in Las Vegas:  Steve Harvey’s Hoodie Awards Seminar, I-Spy News review 11:40 Dr. KwakuWhat’s Wrong With this Picture? More at 11:50 Coach Jaaye Person-Lynn invites your 12 and 13 year old to play football at Baldwin Hills Youth Football. Noon:  Sign Off! Sunday Morning Live is a weekly news and talk magazine produced and hosted by Isidra Person-Lynn and friends. Got a show idea? Email us at info@SundayMorningLive.netWe do not wish to focus on events, since people all over the country can tune in.  Rather, we want to discuss issues and profile interesting people and give news and information. Meanwhile, since we want to keep expanding the show, we have to find a way to compensate these talents.  Soon we will post a link to our House of the Rising Sons Paypal Acct. If listeners would just kick in some gas money to start, we could underwrite Entertainment, Tech & Pop plus bring on Sports and more.  Got ideas?  Let’s talk! In the meantime, you can catch up on passed shows you missed right here at or scroll down www.SundayMorningLive.netand keep clicking “Older broadcasts” to see the show descriptions.  There is something there for you!

About Our Guests:

The Cubicle Chick IS Danyelle Little

The Cubicle Chick--Danyelle Little, St. Louis

Check out her video about how to make money with your blog: You can read more from Danyelle Little on the subject here. More information about a variety of topics is available at her website: was launched in October 2009 by ‘Digital Debutante’ Danyelle Little as a lifestyle guide that focuses on women who juggle a variety of duties. embodies independence, confidence, style, pizazz, and encourages bringing out the best in others. Getting the most out of life while remaining true to oneself is the most important trait a Cubicle Chick can have! On, we focus on office life, parenting, relationships, health and beauty, trends, fashion, pop culture, Hollywood glam, and red carpet events. In addition to this website, The Cubicle Chick also writes for as an HR Expert, is a contributor to St. Louis Kid’s Magazine’s Smart Parenting Blog, and has contributed to, The Fresh Xpress, Centric TV Blog, and Avenue1. She has been featured on and has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, Glamour Magazine, and St. Louis Post Dispatch. Her eBook, Stay in Your Lane: A Guide to Branding You & Your Blog was released in April 2011. The conference that Danyelle Little organizes is called Show Me the Blog Social Media and Blogging Conference.  It takes in St. Louis on 10/21 and 10/22. The link to the site is Danyelle wrote an e-book about the subject: Order Yours Here!

Ava DuVernay, Filmmaker, I Will Follow

Ava DuVernay

From Wikipedia In 2008, Ava DuVernay made her feature directorial debut with the documentary, This Is the Life, which won audience awards in Los Angeles, Toronto and Seattle. The film opened theatrically in March 2009, and premiered on Showtime Networks in May 2009. The film was financed, produced, marketed and distributed by DuVernay’s Forward Movement banner. In 2010, DuVernay directed three network music documentaries, including “My Mic Sounds Nice” which explored the history of women in hip hop, “Faith Through The Storm” which is a look at the role that gospel music played in the lives of two black women Katrina survivors, and a two-hour documentary chronicling the Essence Music Festival. All films were broadcast in 2010 on BET and TV One respectively. In 2011, DuVernay’s first narrative feature film, “I Will Follow,” a drama starring Salli Richardson-Whitfield, was released theatrically. The film was an official selection of AFI Fest and Chicago International Film Festivals, and won honors at Pan-African International Film Festival, BronzeLens and Urbanworld. Roger Ebert championed the film, stating “‘I Will Follow’ is one of the best films I’ve seen about coming to terms with the death of loved one. Directed by Ava DuVernay, it isn’t sentimental, it isn’t superficial. It is very deeply true.” The film was released theatrically through AFFRM, the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement on March 11, 2011 in concert with AMC Independent. Previously, she has written and directed two award-winning shorts, “Compton in C Minor” and “Saturday Night Life,” the latter of which was broadcast by Showtime Television.

Film Distribution

On January 7, 2011 an article entitled “Building An Alliance To Aid Films By Blacks” by Michael Cieply was published in the New York Times about DuVernay’s venture to organize African-American film festivals and orchestrate limited engagement theatrical releases for black independent films. The collective is called the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movementor AFFRM. “I Will Follow” was the first theatrical release of AFFRM on March 11, 2011, making it the first simultaneous national theatrical release powered completely by grassroots means with no formal marketing budget or corporate parent company. “I Will Follow” grossed a per-screen-average of more $11,463, and expanded from five screens in five cities to 22 screens in 15 cities after its first weekend.

David Ornette Cherry

David Ornette Cherry

Taken from David Ornette Cherry grew up in Watts, California. This Watts young man later won the 2003 ASCAP- Chamber Music America Award for adventurous Programming of Contempory Music. He writes, arranges, and improvises music from sunrise to sunset. The pulses and melodies that arise from his jazz, classical, African, world music background, and from playing with some of the great jazz artists of our times, speak about our human experiences through the the language of sound. He listens with an open heart and fresh mind to his collaborators and the world around him in a way that makes his compositions not only music, but a way of life a positive form of energy, and a way to connect. Current work is titled Ensemble for Improvisors. He trains young musicians in world music, theory, and piano. David was born the same year Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry recorded their first album, SOMETHIN ELSE. The ambient music streaming through his childhood was generated by the early collaborations of his dad, Don Cherry, with Coleman and the musicians who visited his parents’ Mariposa Avenue home in Los Angeles. However, it was a wood-chopping accident one summer in Sweden that sealed David’s musical fate as he was confined to music study and later performing with his Dad at the age of sixteen years old. News Links: How Much Money Do Bloggers Make Blogging? Click Here  (From 2009)

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn’s Candid Moments:

What’s Wrong With this Picture?

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn challenges a popular Las Vegas statue for historical inaccuracy.


Thank Yous:

Wow. 40 Shows.  I am amazed myself.  Thank you, everyone, for listening, reposting, retweeting and spreading the word.  Especially thank God and my family, Kathy Williamson who set this in motion, Darlene Donloe who was the first segment host to sign on.  Thanks to Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn, my husband for his candid Moments segments, and Jaaye Person-Lynn for guest hosting.  Thanks to Sybil Mc Miller who has save d me frm dead air many times. Thanks to everyone who has answered my call to do an interview.  Thanks to Judge Kevin Ross and Rev. Mark Whitlockwho were subjects of the highest rated show we ever had. And thanks to everyone else who I have not mentioned by name because my mental hard drive did not access that folder. Thank you, too!

I Spy

Top Earning Blogs: 28 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Creating Video Content

By Alli on August 18, 2011

Father and Friend, Alain Clark – duet with Father Dane Clark

US Rep Maxine Waters: The Tea Party Can Go Straight to H*ll:
Report:  Blacks Twice as Likely to Die on Dialysis as Whites:
Reports that Blacks Are Leaving Obama are Untrue (Detroit)
Interracial Adoption:
From the Grio

Is the modern-day adoption process colorblind? By Michelle Balani

White Kid, Black Family:
From NPR
But this story which also involves interracial adoption left me speechless:
About Dr. Charles Drew:

Jacksonville film highlights African-American doctor’s blood transfusions breakthrough


Dr. King Memorial opens August 28, 2011:


Congresswoman Maxine Waters @ Inglewood H.S. “The Tea Party Can Go Straight to Hell”


Video:  Kevin Durant, Washington win city battle (East Vs West, East Won)

P. Diddy, son stop by UCLA practice