Krischa Esquivel Teaching at Brass Knuckle Finance

Krischa Esquivel Teaching at Brass Knuckle Finance


10:00 This Sunday on Sunday Morning Live, David G. Brown Co-hosts, Hannibal Tabu talks tech+

10:07 Krischa Esquivel teaches about the High Cost of Divorce, as well as having unplanned children;

10:35 The Relationship DrRonn Elmore:  For the Sake of the Children

10:55: Melissa Shepherd Family Therapist, Inter-racial and inter-cultural divorce

11:15 Myra Wallace chats about the West Coast Expo; David G Brown discusses his Cartooning workshop there

11:25 Darlene Donloe interviews Everette Harp

11: 40 David Ornette Cherry shares his music that is not quite like anything you’ve heard before.

About Our Guests

Kricscha Esquivel, High Cost of Divorce

Krischa Esquivel

Krischa Esquivel made a presentation at Jarim Person-Lynn’s Brass Knuckle Finance Class a few weeks back and I was riveted.  More of our young women need to hear this, if they want to live less stressful lives and provide better  for their children.

We will also get an update on a project that has been in the works.  Stay tuned!

Read her blog here

Download Her PDF here: Children and Finances

Krischa’s blogs: and


NOTE:  A friend who is an attorney suggested people try divorce mediators to cut the high cost of divorce. A quick Google search turned up many with cute names, but check with someone in the legal field for a recommendation you can trust.

David Ornette Cherry

Who Is David Ornette Cherry?

David Ornette Cherry grew up in Watts, California. This Watts young man later won the 2003 ASCAP- Chamber Music America Award for adventurous Programming of Contempory Music. He writes, arranges, and improvises music from sunrise to sunset.

The pulses and melodies that arise from his jazz, classical, African, world music background, and from playing with some of the great jazz artists of our times, speak about our human experiences through the the language of sound. He listens with an open heart and fresh mind to his collaborators and the world around him in a way that makes his compositions not only music, but a way of life a positive form of energy, and a way to connect. Current work is titled Ensemble for Improvisors. He trains young musicians in world music, theory, and piano.

David was born the same year Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry recorded their first album, SOMETHIN ELSE. The ambient music streaming through his childhood was generated by the early collaborations of his dad, Don Cherry, with Coleman and the musicians who visited his parents’ Mariposa Avenue home in Los Angeles.

However, it was a wood-chopping accident one summer in Sweden that sealed David’s musical fate as he was confined to music study and later performing with his Dad at the age of sixteen years old.

Visit for more! And coming up: Cherry Extract Presents: Kwasi Kuuma Ofori with “Eternal Monologue.”  August 12, Afrique Bistro. 102 NE Russell

Portland, Oregon 97212 7-10 PM Tickets: $8.

Darlene Donloe’s Entertainment Report

Her guest this week is Everette Harp, who will be performing Saturday, 8/13/2011 at the Long Beach Jazz Festival. 

As the 90’s progressed and smooth jazz artists began incorporating more hip-hop and classic R&B grooves into the music which came to define the genre, Everette Harp found himself ahead of the curve. Raised in church and weaned on gospel and soul music, the Houston born saxman on his first two Blue Note recordings, Everette Harp (1992) and Common Ground (1994), was already leaning this way, combining dynamic funk edges and urban textures into the mix. His popular 1997 tribute to Marvin Gaye’s 1971 watershed album What’s Going On combined the best of his two worlds, modern day contemporary jazz and the classic soul he grew up with. 1998’s Better

Darlene Donloe, Entertainment

Days further solidified his place among the chart-toppers of smooth jazz. While on his previous albums, Harp sought to push the envelope stylistically and show off all of his abilities as writer, arranger, producer and player (even of straight ahead jazz), For the Love strips away the diversions and focuses purely on Harp’s ability to convey powerful emotions via lyrical playing, beautiful melodies and sensuous rhythms.

While high ambition has always been Harp’s trademark as an artist and performer, on For the Love, the saxman looked forward to the challenge of letting go of pretension, focusing on the love of song and above all, keeping things simple. “I’ve always looked upon each album as a learning experience, and for me that used to mean trying to fill each song with huge arrangements and every sonic idea that came to mind, scattering styles on the other songs once the radio tunes were recorded, and playing a lot of notes. But like George Duke has long told me, there is an art form to being simple and communicating honestly. The result, I believe is my most focused project to date.”

Keeping with that sensibility, the album title For the Love (Read More)

Everette Harp will appear Aug. 13 at the Long Beach Jazz Festival  For tickets and show time, Click  Follow him on Twitter @HarpJazz  or visit

Hannibal Tabu’s Weekly Update

The most important thing to know is that Hannibal Tabu is a digital messenger, a carrier and conduit for information who uses computers and text to transmit and broadcast/narrowcast messages, carrying them to their intended recipient. He has helped many entities, large and small, move their message: to their own staffs, the public at large, or to specific niche audiences.

The New Spiderman--Black and Latino

In print (publications, brochures, articles, et cetera), online (websites, banner ads, promotional graphics, and so on), or in signage (billboards, outdoor advertising, or what have you); with information design, crafting a user experience, traditional layout and graphic design, or through compelling written content, Hannibal Tabu opens the way for people to understand one another, slicing a swath through confusion and ignorance. More at

Read more about the new Puerto Rican Spiderman in The Wave

Melissa Shepherd’s Biography

Melissa Shepherd was born and raised in Panama, which makes her fluent in Spanish and English, as well as “Spanglish.” She then  moved to California to continue her college years.Throughout those years, the common thread was, such as before moving to the United States, an insatiable interest in cultural exchange. This excitement about diversity had been fueled by her mother’s creative ways of engaging her students in learning about themselves and their classmates’ cultural background. Additionally, home life was filled with cultural celebrations, Panamanian and otherwise. Whether it was through food, music, or documentaries, her mother instilled a curiosity about the world and a sense of world citizenship.  It is no coincidence that her college life consistently included participation in activities organized by UCLA’s Office of International Students and Scholars. Ms. Shepherd is also one of the founding members of the Latin American Students Association at UCLA, which promoted awareness on campus about the culture by organizing events open to all students.
Ms. Shepherd obtained a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles, while working as a Case Manager for Olive Crest Foster Family Agency. Simultaneously, she learned from fellow clinicians about family dynamics and gained insight from conversations with foster families of various cultural backgrounds.   It became clearer that basing interventions solely on rigid guidelines about cultural groups impaired effective communication. She found value in listening to an individual’s experience of themselves in the world, as opposed to taking for granted that stereotypes fully explained their thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors.

For more about Melissa Shepherd, visit her website at or call her at 818-731-1341.  And thanks to Warren Williams and Brad Williams for helping us find Ms. Shepherd..

Dr. Ronn Elmore--The Relationship Doctor

Dr. Ronn Elmore

…National bestselling author, minister, and relationship therapist, Dr. Ronn believes in the outrageous.

Dr. Ronn is one of America’s most popular media experts on love, marriage, family, and relationships.

Dr. Ronn is the author of Blackboard bestselling books How to Love a Black Man and How to Love a Black Woman.

…Ronn Elmore, Psy.d is a relationship therapist, ordained minister, and author of the national best-seller How to Love a Black Man

Myra Wallace, Director of the West Coast Expo coming up Aug 12-14.


Myra, a Long Beach, California native, is an enthusiast for sharing the joy of living the abundant life.  Living “F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.” is an acronym she created to live by daily, that simply reminds her to; Forgive Herself, Accept Herself, Believe in Herself, Understand Herself, Love Herself, Organize Herself, Unleash Herself, and Salute Herself.

This entrepreneurial spirit is owner and founder of numerous businesses. Her extensive experience in Fashion Show Production, Apparel Design, Product Development, Motivational Speaking and Business Management and prepared her for the position as producer of the West Coast Fashion Summit and later appointment as Executive Director of the LA Black Business Expo. In 2009, the second edition of her book, Beauty Come Forth was released, setting off an explosive movement that celebrates Beauty from the inside out. Myra’s passion for inspiring women to live beautiful abundant lives, coupled with her 28-year career as a flight attendant has positioned her gift to make way for her. She has entertained the likes of many influential people around the world, affording her the opportunity to experience the richness of life through the eyes of other cultures, while planting seeds of encouragement and building life changing relationships along the way.

Understanding, balance and diversity are key compœonents to a happy successful life, Myra has clearly shown herself to be a major player, on the front line of the Fashion & Beauty industry and a trailblazer in the Business world. Her uncanny knack to transform dirt to diamond in the lives of many, has won Myra the reputation as the transformer.

Recognizing that success is not measured strictly by financial gain, but by the lives you affect for good, on the path of life, along the way.  This spiritually grounded, philanthropic powerhouse believes her past successes are simply the foundation for what God has in store for her in the beautiful years to come.


Isidra Person-Lynn with guest co-host David G. Brown

David G. Brown will be at the Los Angeles Black Book Expo on August 20th and not the West Coast Expo next weekend. He will be promoting his books and doing an Comic Art workshop for children and adults interested in the comics and cartooning.


    The expo is a full day featuring authors, storytellers, spoken word and poetry performances, musicians, exhibitors, children’s book authors, emerging writers, publishers, booksellers, panel discussions, editors, book reviewers, and others.

Also in September, he hosts another workshop:  at the Los Angeles Comic Con.

I Spy News: 

(Isidra’s News that Caught her eye the week of  Aug. 1, 2011) Happy Birthday So Lynn!



This was the week that the famine in Somalia was revealed.  Davey D, a previous guest on Sunday Morning Live gave us permission to use a portion of his interview ith K’Naan whcih although done in 2008, give a bit of perspective on what may have led up to this:

Remember Atty. Michelle Wallace (see video below)?  Well this is her website.  Check it out and do what you can to assist in her mission.

The Great Incarcerator part 1: Dark Little Secret (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Seen on Thandi Chimurenga’s page:

65 court appearances over misdemeanors: The unrelenting prosecution of Cherise Rogers

July 30, 2011

By Dan Bluemel

This was the week that started out with a deal… (From Roland Martin’s Blog)

The Tuskegee Airmen’s Film:  Red Tails coming early 2012

Read More about it and see who all is in it:


This kid was misquoted at 4 years old!

Citizen video taping wins again in this report of an underhanded news team that took words from a 4 year old boy and sensationalized them: Read the story and watch the video at the link.

New Details: Osama Bin Laden Raid Always a Kill Mission

By Mark Berman Opposing Views on Aug 1, 2011

Check out the Kings of the Evening Movie trailer here:

Pat Buchanan and Rev. Al Sharpton get into it about Buchanan calling President Barack Obama “Boy”

Man who called President a d*ck on national TV is back:

Sick and Shut in?

In our huge family when we vist a loved one in the hospital we overwhelm it sometimes.  But for those of us who cannot make it have you heard of ? Seems like a great idea!

Thank You!

We thank God for the opportunity to produce this show each week and we pray for a way to monetize it to help our producers and contributors.  They deserve it! Special thanks to our guests, beginning with our co-host David G. Brown  Hannibal Tabu, Krischa Esquivel, DrRonn Elmore, Melissa Shepherd Myra Wallace, David G Brown Darlene DonloeEverette HarpDavid Ornette Cherry