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Jonathan Butler and his daughter Jodie

Has the world gone mad? Men stomping babies, trusted men and women of faith taking liberties, rich and famous going penniless, so-called post racial America exhibiting utter disrespect for the presidency–I could go on.   Let’s talk about all this NEWS!!! Too much to process, so we invited some sharp thinkers and speakers to talk about it around this week on Sunday Morning Live! Our esteemed roundtable will kick off with Esther Iverem,

Esther Iverem, SeeingBlack.com

creator of www.SeeingBlack.com, Lena Cole Dennis, who makes it her business to be where news is happening, James Bolden, Editor of BoldNews4U on Facebook; Sybil McMiller, host of The Pulse, returns with her take on the AM news radio stories and here’s a fresh voice Lorenzo Edwards, a student headed to Bethel University, a photographer and a football player.

Sybil McMiller, Visual Artist-News Aficionado Check out her Blog Talk Radio Show: The Pulse

Lorenzo Edwards, Headed to Bethel U. Check him out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lorenzo.edwards1

James Bolden, BoldNews4U

Special reports from Darlene Donloe, featuring an interview with Jonathan Butler the South African singer, guitarist. Also a special tech report from Hannibal Tabu, of

Show details coming soon at www.komplicated.com an innovative weekly TV show, hosted by Myshell Tabu.


It all happens on Sunday Morning Live @ 10 a.m.

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Esther Iveremwww.SeeingBlack.com

Sybil McMiller:  www.SybilMcMiller.net

Lorenzo Edwards http://www.facebook.com/lorenzo.edwards1,

Lena Cole Dennis: http://www.facebook.com/lenacoledennis

James Bolden, http://www.facebook.com/pages/BoldNews-4-U


Hannibal Tabu: www.Komplicated.com

Darlene Donloe: Twitter: @DarleneCDonloe


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The story about Magic Johnson wanting to own the Dodgers



The South Central Tea Party


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