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Written by Isidra Person-Lynn, 07 1o 11

This week on Sunday Morning Live:  The African American critiques of President Obama.  Guests Davey D, and comedian and filmmaker Michael Colyar, while Maisha Hart, who happens to be Mai Personal Shopper,  talks about her #Essence Music Festival Experience!  Also, what can you do with your hair in this heat and humidity?  Nadean Day of Nature’s Essential Ingredients has some great ideas!

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(If you are watching the rebroadcast, estimate the time, based on what was submitted, and fast forward to the segment of your choice.)10:00 A.M. Welcome 10:05 A.M. Essence Music Festival Recap with Maisha Hart, Mai Personal Services Plus.
Topic:  Just how is the president doing?

Here is an article which talks about the incidents which led up to today’s show:

Family Feud: Blacks Battle Blacks over Criticism of Obama

Fri, 07/08/2011 – 21:23 — by:
Linn Washington Jr. Click Here to read it


10:25 A.M.:  Davey D, Journalist, Hip Hop Activist (Bio below)

11:1o A.M.: Michael Colyar , Comedian, Filmmaker (Bio Below)

11: 35 Open Phones

11:45 A.M.: Heat, Humidity and Your Hair:  Nadean Day, Nature’s Essential Ingredients11:50 A.M.: Wrap Up Thank Yous/OutroAll times are approximate and posted so listeners can fast forward to a specific segment.Sunday Morning Live is a 2 hour current events program which airs weekly at 10 AM PST.
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Davey D: 

Davey D, Journalist, Commentator, Hip Hop Expert

Davey D is a nationally recognized journalist, adjunct professor, Hip Hop historian, syndicated talk show host, radio programmer, producer, deejay, media and community activist. Originally from the Bronx, NY, Davey D�s been down with Hip Hop since since 1977 where he started out as an emcee for two crews TDK [Total Def Krew] out of Co-op City and the Avengers out of the Marble Hill Section of the Bronx. He moved to California and graduated from UC Berkeley.

Davey D is the co-founder and host of several of the most cited Hip Hop radio and online news journalism projects of all time. Hard Knock Radio(HKR) is an award-winning daily syndicated prime time afternoon show focusing on Hip Hop culture and politics. One of the first of its kind, the show originated in 1999 on KPFA 94.1 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now can be heard in Seattle, Atlanta, Portland, Fresno and is streamed live on, reaching close to a million listeners daily. In 2003, HKR was cited as best on air show by the East-Bay Express and Davey D voted Best On Air Personality. He was awarded The Profiles in Excellence Award by ABC 7 in the Bay Area (2005). He was recently awarded ‘Thank You Award‘ in 2009 for Independent Artist Week.

He is the founder and webmaster of Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner, which is widely considered to be one of the oldest and largest Hip Hop sites on the web, The writings on his website are frequently referenced and quoted by journalists, scholars and professors and fans around the world. Davey D�s most recent radio effort is Breakdown FM which can be heard through downloadable podcasts, live streaming, radio stations features, and now cell phone outlets. Davey D is the co-founder of the Bay Area Hip Hop Coalition which started out as one of the first Hip Hop radio deejay collectives in the country. 

Michael Colyar

“Michael Colyar Making a Difference … Keeping It Real.”

Michael Colyar, Making film about President Obama

Michael Colyar was always headed for Hollywood…From the time he was a little boy when he would run away from home…he would always head west, because that’s where Hollywood was…he didn’t realize it was 3000 miles west, by the time he got to the west side of Chicago, his big brother would find him and bring him home.Best know for his performances on Venice Beach California…For nine years he entertained the crowds…bringing together people from all parts of the world… with his thought-provoking humor, Colyar left a positive imprint in the hearts and minds of his audience. Dubbed The King of Venice Beach where every Saturday and Sunday for over 9 years Colyar would perform 5 one-hour shows a day. His audience ranged from old to young…all colors…all nationalities….the gang bangers to the bank presidents…his audience could truly be called a melting pot.His informative and highly entertaining brand of comedy guarantees positive response. As “The Original Host” of “BET Live From LA”, his point blank delivery and razor-sharp insight connected to the guest that joined him on the sofa, as well as over 55 million viewers coast to coast.Colyar is known to bring the same high energy, perfect delivery and dynamic stage presence to every show, whether the audience is a local comedy club in Los Angeles, an elementary school where he jokes with 5th graders, or Hosting “The Big Black Comedy Show” for an audience of over 6000.Colyar gained notable attention after winning the $100,000 Grand Prize Comedy championship on “Star Search”, the nationally televised talent competition, and donating $50,000.00 to homeless charities in the Los Angeles area.In December of 2000, the city of Venice California honored Michael Colyar by placing his shoe prints, handprints and money grabber in cement for the new Venice boardwalk.Star Search Champion…Talk Show Host…Actor/Comedian and Motivational Speaker …Colyar stays busy. But no matter how busy, he always takes time out to be share the laughter by visiting homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers, schools and military bases.August 2010 Colyar’s 1st CD “Michael Colyar’s Greatest Hits & The Great Unknowns” was released Nationally and on iTunes. Currently in production for Re-release “The Michael Colyar Project”…a 1 Hour Comedy Special, shot in the projects of several major cities, including Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes where Colyar grew up. This project will be available on DVDMost recent films include The Last Laugh Starring Tony Rock scheduled release 2011 and The Princess & The Frog Starring Anika Noni Rose and Oprah (the 1st Black animated film produced by Disney Studio).Colyar was encouraged by Motivational Speaker Les Brown to get it together and take his story on the road…and he began “Motivational Speaking”…telling his incredible story of struggle and triumph to his audiences around the world as he writes The Book “Michael Goes Motivational”. Soon to be released… A Poetry Book for Adult Children “Miss Innocent Goes To Kool Skool and Other Silly Stuff.”Currently playing Bishop Love Jones the stage production Je Carious Johnson’s Marriage Material on Tour until May 2011.New Projects …Where In The World Is Michael Colyar” a series of concert films with Colyar and Friends shot in various locations around the world…The series begins in Washington Dc with his Documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The White House, I knocked on the Door…and A Brother Answered”, and goes to Venice Beach California for “Michael Colyar Returns To Venice Beach”…and continues to the African Continent for “Michael Colyar Live From Africa”.Michael Colyar … Hard To Ignore … Impossible To Forget!Website:

Maisha Hart, Mai Personal Shopper

Maisha Hart, Mai Personal Shopper

Maisha says:  I am a personal shopper, concierge & planner. Looking for that wachamacallit that is sold out everywhere? Put me on the case, and I will find it.. Some call me Moogle. I was given that name by Niecy Nash-she said I know everything like Google…
(323)  595-5727

Look for her on Facebook:  Mai Personal Shopper

On the Swamp Tour

An Essence Festival Haul by Sassie 37
Isidra’s Essence Videos for Johnson Products
Ultra Care Day 1
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Ultra Care Day 3

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Heat and Humidity:  What’s a Sista to do?
Listen for Nadean Day’s segment with some tips from Nature’s Essential Ingredients.  Here is more about Nadean Day:Nadean Day
Creator and CEO,Nature’s Essential Ingredients

Nadean Day, Founder, NEI Beautycare

For Nadean Day, hair care has been a reality of life since she began her ascent into the world. Her dad, an Air Force airman, had been a barber and her mother a hair stylist. The day she was born, her very pregnant mother was still doing hair behind her chair at the salon. Nadean did not wait until the ambulance rushed her to the hospital to make her grand entrance. No, she was born on the way.As a teen, Nadean’s house was the place her friends found themselves. Since her own hair was always layered, feathered and chic, her friends wanted her to do the same for them.“We were cosmetologists, so we could do anything from eyebrows, to make-up, to elegant hairstyles,” said Nadean. Prom week was always a rotating blur of high schoolers. “You should do it professionally,” many told her.Her dad had other plans. An education would catapult her out of the segregated lifestyle he’d experienced in the military. But Nadean, a real daddy’s girl, argued her case until he relented.After formally completing cosmetology school, Nadean and some friends-–opened a salon. It was an exciting move for someone of such a tender age of 26. Her techniques grew in popularity and she never had a problem filling her chair.Along the way, Nadean, who earned the prestigious fitness-training certificate at nationally renowned Cooper’s Clinic and continued to teach herself everything she could about fitness and nutrition. She most likely got the zeal for fitness from her father, who worked out continually and today at 75 years of age has a chiseled six-pack.She loved putting together natural remedies for hair problems. On weekends, she would mix up batches of healing potions and bring them to her clients to try. For her first creation READ MORE HERE

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