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10:00 A.M. Welcome and Comments from Last Week. Congrats to Sakari Lynn Who has a Dance recital with Lula Washington Dance Troupe

10:05 A.M. Charis Brown Malloy, Author, Journal of a Starseed – Open Phones — Part 1  She will join us in the chat room after her introduction and take open phone for the second hour.

You can read her book before the show:  Download here or read 2 free chapters:

10:20 A.M. Entertainment Report: Darlene Donloe interviews Robert Townsend about his Master Pitching Class at the upcoming ABFF

10:45 A.M. Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn shares some Candid Moments with Blues Legend Bobby Blue Bland

11:10 A.M. Leimert Park Mask Festival and Art Walk (See Flyer Below)

11:15 A.M. Charis Brown Malloy returns to take Open Phones about her book Journal of a Starseed.

12:00 Thank Yous/Outro

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If you don’t have time to read all of this, listen to this overview:

SML33 Link:

Author Charis Brown Malloy comes to Sunday Morning Live from Pennsylvania. Born and raised in California, she and her family moved to VA, then CA and bow back to PA where her husband’s family is located.

A life coach and wholistic living healer, this book began writing Charis maybe six months ago. It tackles her encounters with extraterrestrial beings and a whole lot more. If you, too, have had similar experiences, you are not alone!

Darlene Donloe’s
guest is Robert Townsend: Filmmaker, Writer, Comedian and more. He is conducting workshops at the upcoming ABFF. Click here to learn about the Master Class.

Blues legend Bobby “Blue” Bland interviewed by Dr. Kwaku
When Dr.Kwaku got the confirmation to come and interview blues legend Bobby Blue Bland, he headed over to Hollywood Park.  When he got there he was asked to do it after the performance, which he was able to absorb with friends he did not know would be there. Afterwards, they retired to his tour bus (He does not like to fly–in the air anyway).  This Sunday he will share this interview with our Sunday Morning Live audience, and we thank him!  Black Music Month continues…

Click Image to View the Entire Album!

Summer Fun For the Children:

Minkah Smith, 17, Kids at 43rd Place We featured a brief interview with her about the Festival of Masks in Leimert Park June 26 at Noon. You can hear her interview here!

Minkah's mask or join our Dr. Kwaku's Facebook Page

Ben Caldwell and More Pics HERE Leimert Park Artwalk is TODAY (6/26/11)

Recital Today!


Sakari and me, Isidra Person-Lynn, after the recital.