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SML 27:  Is it “Hard Out Here for a Black Republican?”


Written by Isidra Person-Lynn

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SML 27: May 15, 2011  120 Minutes/ Open Phones

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This Sunday’s Show Schedule:

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10 a.m.: Welcome

10:05: After weeks of presidential birth certificate drama, challenges about his academic abilities, his family depiction as chimpanzees, and Common bashing, is it hard out here for a Black Republican?  Jaaye Person-Lynn, Esq. interviews Walter Myers III

11:00 Entertainment Reporter Darlene Donloe interviews keyboardist Wayne Linsey, a member of the Tonight Show Band who has a new CD out titled “A Song Without Words.”

11:20 Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn

11:30 Stay tuned to hear the speech Curtis Symonds delivered at this year’s InterAlumni Council Breakfast celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Mr. Symonds is launching the HBCU TV network.

11:55 Recap/Thank yous!/It’s aWrap!

12:00 Sign Off

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More on Our Guests:

Walter Myers III

Walter Myers III

Walter Myers III is a software architect, conservative blogger for, and budding philosopher of science and religion. After completing requirements for a Master of Arts in Science and Religion at Biola University, Walter has continued his studies to pursue a Master of Arts in Philosophy of Religion at the Talbot School of Theology. Walter is Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party American Dream Outreach Committee, whose charter is to reach out to Democrat-leaning communities and bring them into the conservative fold by promoting time-honored principles of common-sense, limited government that encourages market-based economic prosperity, strong families, and educational choice/opportunities.

Personal blog:

Red County blog:

Will Co-MC the Annual Martin Luther King Breakfast hosted by the Inter Alumni Council

Jaaye Person-Lynn, Esq.

Jaaye Person-Lynn, Esq. works for the L.A. County Public Defender’s Office.  A graduate of Hampton U and Howard University School of Law, he is very involved with politics, political campaigns and community activities.  He coaches youth football for Baldwin Hills, and is a national board member for Hampton’s student recruiting.

A world traveler, Jaaye has visited South Africa 3 times, as well as Europe, Brazil and parts of the Caribbean.

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Black Republicans:

First, check out my STORIFY on the subject.  Storify is a collection of posts and tweets and You Tube and blogs on the subject. Click Here:

Other Black Republicans:

Senate Candidate Setti Warren:

Darlene Donloe, Entertainment

This week, Darlene Donloe interviews Wayne Linsey of the Tonight Show band who has a new CD out titled “A Song Without Words.”

His music is available at, or by visiting

Follow him on Twitter @WayneLinsey, visit or look him up on Facebook.

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Curtis Symonds, one of the masterminds behind the HBCU TV Network

Click Here to order tickets to Juan and John.

Special thanks to the Inter-alumni Council for allowing us to air the King Day address by Curtis Symonds who is one of three founders instituting the HBCU TV Network. 

Britti Care 5 K Walk Hosted by Jill Scott

Click here to hear clips from the event.

Thank yous

Thank you to Walter Myers III, Jaaye Person-Lynn, Darlene Donloe and her guest Wayne Linsey,  Luther Williams, and Meta Williams who allowed us to air the speech announcing the HBCU Network.  Also thanks to Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn.  Special thanks to America’s Court Judge Kevin Ross for the idea for today’s first segment!

Enjoy your Sunday, everybody!

Isidra Person-Lynn

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