For this Easter, we share with you these spring images photographed by Leroy Hamilton

This is Spring Break for Sunday Morning Live, so we will forgo a show today.  My Grandmother didn’t like working on Sundays as it is, but working on Easter?  Not gonna happen!

Enjoy your family time, but before you go, let me introduce a new segment on parenting on Sunday Morning Live called “It Starts at Home”.

I first announced it on Cinchcast here:

The first episode is here:

As I told the women of Black Women for Wellness, where I first announced this segment as a panelist some weeks ago: with the advent of smart phones, we all have studios in our pockets.  Start recording your ideas of the best parenting tips that helped you through…or start recording parenting you see at random — good or bad.  (Be discreet and blur faces when you can.  Upload them and send us your You Tube link!) We can post video on this blog and play the audio on the show giving you full credit, if approved.

This first segment (at the second link above) features my former producer at KACE Sherese Holmes who is now an educator in La Vegas.  She is also the owner of hugs and kisses.  Please take the first part of what she says in fun, but her message about reading is serious.  Click the link above to listen!

Second, after 24 straight shows, we are starting to get show ideas.  We love them, but invite you to get involved.  Record your own rant on a topic or record a debate you are having with someone on a particular issue. We would love to air it!  Keep it to 5 minutes and if it merits a segment we will invite you on.

Enjoy your Resurrection Sunday, everybody!

Isidra Person-Lynn