Living Right opens April 5th at Theater,Theater. For details http://visit


SML 22: April 3, 2011  90 Minutes/ Open Phones

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This Sunday’s show:

Living Right opens April 5th at Theater,Theater. For details http://visit

Show Schedule:

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10:00 Intro

News with Thandisizwe Chimurenga

10:20 Entertainment:  Darlene Donloe interviews the cast of Living Right, directed by Sammie Wayne, starring Ella Joyce, Starletta DuPois, Malaika Perkins and Tiffany Stanley.

In this high spirited interview, Darlene meets four cast members and the director. Starletta DuPois explains how her portrayal of Ma’Dear is very different from Tyler Perry’s of Martin Lawrence’s.

10:50 Walking and Talking in L.A.: This week I went to Maverick’s Flat and interviewed Brian Murphy, interviewed Art Institute seniors, and a few more TBA.

10:55  Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn – Candid Moments Interview with Erin Washington, aspiring actress

11:15 My first Speech:  The Extraordinary Place, 1989

11:25 Sign Off/Thanks you!Wrap!

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Thandisizwe Chimurenga

Thandisizwe Chimurenga, journalist

This week on Sunday Morning Live we begin by looking at  Journalist Thandisizwe Chimurenga. The long-awaited Malcolm X Book is due tomorrow but the author Dr. Manning Marable passed away Friday.  Read or listen to the New York Times article we will discuss.

The Cast of the play “Living Right.” See Flyer/Description above.

Darlene Donloe tapped into a wonderful group of talented thespians when she met the cast of  Living Right, directed by Sammie Wayne, starring Ella Joyce, Starletta DuPois, Malaika Perkins and Tiffany Stanley.

Websites and phone numbers announced:

Living Right, the Play:

Ella Joyce:  or

Judi Ann Mason Obit, L.A. Times:,0,3110199.story

Opens April 5 at Theater, Theater:

THEATRE/THEATER, 5041 Pico Boulevard 323 422 6361

Candid Moments with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn

Erin Washington and her Mom Rene

Guest: Erin Washington: Sophomore at SUNY,Purchase

Erin graduated from Hamilton H.S. Music Academy and has performed with Amazing Grace Conservatory (AGC), where she starred as Sarafina, a play which won NAACP Theater Awards.

She has known Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn since she was a child who loved performing at the annual Expo Staff Christmas Party.

Maverick’s Flat

Interview with Brian Murphy

Click for Facebook Page

Guest Lecture: Ties that Bind–The Extraordinary Place

Host Isidra Person-Lynn’s first speech–Delivered at The Extraordinary Place, a school that impacted many children in the Southland.  From this first fund-raiser and for years after, the school grew out of the home of Tina Washington and into a building in Inglewood.  It would have continued growing if illness didn’t beset the Washington family and Tina’s husband passed away. Subsequently, Tina moved to Atlanta ,where it has been reported,  she still resides. If anyone is still in contact please give her my warm greetings.

A friend o mine, Claudine who trained under Tina, and I discussed my husband’s find from the archives, but we did not know what ever happened to The Extraordinary Place. Well, it was listed, but when we called, a Nicole Smith answered and told us she was running a day care/school under the name The Extraordinary Place . She said she knew the Washingtons and wanted to carry the name forward.  While she seemed very capable, if you decide to check her place out, please do your homework and check referrals, because all we had was a brief telephone conversation.

Backstory: On this, my FIRST occasion to speak to a live audience–in person– I was very nervous.  Yes, in radio, I talked to thousands daily with my newscasts, but I could not see their eyes looking back at me. When my name was announced, I stood to approach the mic, took one step and felt something fall to the floor beneath my dress.  Horrified, I looked down and there in plain view was my shoulder pad which I had added at the last moment to give my outfit some “oomph”.  Thankfully, the room was dimly lit, but it unnerved me because it looked like a falsie laying there on the ground!  Undaunted, my friend Sherese Holmes (always coming to my rescue) reached down and scooped it into my corsage box, then gave me that , “Close your mouth and go on, now” look.  Internally, I was laughing hysterically and prayed I wouldn’t get one of my infamous giggling fits when I got to the mic.

Thanks, again, Sherese!

News Stories of the week:

Manning Marable Dies at 60

(In The Root) Read More

The book will be available beginning Monday, April 4, especially in Los Angeles at Eso Won bookstore.  At 7 p.m. there will be a special commemoration and discussion about his latest work. Located at 4331 Degnan Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 290-1048

Min. Farrakhan Warns President Obama About Libya

From Black Voices Spin: Click to Listen

The Black Agenda Report

From The Grio:

South Carolina Bill Targets Prisoners on Facebook Click Here

Black Writers On Tour Conference 2011

Saturday, April 16 · 9:00am – 4:00pm

Carson Community Center 

801 E. Carson St.
Carson, CA


Liya Kebede in Desert Flower

Desert Flower  Click here

I heard a reviewer, Flash Gordon, rave over this movie Desert Flower…about a young Somali girl (played by top model Liya Kebede) who was circumcised and how she grew up wandering the desert then wound up in Europe and became a model and went back to lobby against Female circumcision.  There are no subtitles, so just “feel” the movie as you watch the trailer.

Thank yous!

Thanks to Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Dr. Kwaku for his Candid Moment with Erin  Washington , (Thanks Erin!), The cast of Living Right and Darlene Donloe for finding them. The details about the play are on this blog. Thanks to Brian Murphy for inviting us to Maverick’s Flat.  It happens again this Tuesday! Also, thanks to the New York Times article that started today’s show off. And thanks to those of you who join us in the chatroom..The chat room is still open if you want to make a comment or have a question.

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