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This Week’s Topic (s):

It’s All Star Sunday

with your Special Host Jaaye Person-Lynn

Lawrence Jackson, NFL (From Inglewood)

Join us for this special sports edition of Sunday Morning Live when son Jaaye Person-Lynn hosts. His guests are 4 athlete’s this NBA All Star Sunday.

We’ll meet Lawrence Jackson, football stand out, USC national champion and defensive end for the Detroit Lions.

Trevor Ariza, NBA, Los Angeles

Jaaye will bring audio coverage of former Laker Trevor Ariza’s Foundation Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings. In the meantime, check out this message from Trevor.

A Message from Trevor Ariza

Dear Friends,

At the age of nine I was playing with friends and found myself out of breath.  My mother rushed me to the hospital where I received a breathing treatment, and then was sent home.

Years later in high school while working out I experienced the same symptoms I had when I was nine years old.  I was then diagnosed with Exercised Induced Asthma.  The doctors prescribed asthma medication which I had to take prior to my workouts.

I was determined not to let this disease hinder my dreams of becoming an NBA player.  I continued to work hard.

As my debut was to begin at UCLA I suffered a collapsed lung.  I  was devastated.  This is when I decided I would do all I could to help others with the same condition.

I formed a non-profit foundation called the “Trevor Ariza Foundation” to help especially young children get the medication they need.  I want people to know you can overcome any obstacle in your path and accomplish your dreams.

Yours Truly,

Brian Barton, MLB, Los Angeles

Jaaye’ll talk to Brian Barton, who plays baseball for the Cincinnati Reds plus we’ll meet the 7 footer Ryan Hollins who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ryan Hollins, NBA, Pasadena


are very much connected to their Southern California communities. They will discuss sports and philanthropy. Jaaye’s mom, host Isidra Person-Lynn, will be away covering the Carmelo Anthony fundraiser Sunday at 10 a.m., so Jaaye is pinch-hitting. Support him! Sunday Morning Live is a weekly news magazine


This is what Jaaye wrote to his Facebook Friends:

Tune in this week as Jaaye Person-Lynn guest hosts Sunday Morning Live on Blog Talk Radio! This show is a continuation of Isidra Person-Lynn’s (The Regular Host) community action show that she had for years on 103.9FM in Los Angeles. Now it can be heard worldwide through the wonders of the internet!

Sunday Morning Live is an internet radio show that informs and educates the community on current events and social issues. Staying… true to this message, and incorporating the excitement of NBA All-Star Weekend 2011 which is in LA, this show is entitled “Pro Athletes and Their Social Responsibility!”

We h

ave some wonderful guests; USC National Football Champion and current Detroit Lion Lawrence Jackson, UCLA Star and current Cleveland Cavalier Ryan Hollins, Westchester High School Standout and Miami University College World-Series Star, Currently with the Cincinnati Reds organization Brian Barton, and Westchester Stand out and NBA Champion Trevor Ariza!

This show will discuss what,

if any these young men view as their responsibility to their community, and what they are doing now to carry out that duty. After this show, I am sure you will have a greater understanding and respect for professional athletes.

Callers will have a chance to call in to (619) 996-1674 and ask questions or make comments, so think about what you might want to ask these young men.

I look forward to a great show and having you all tune in!

Much Love,
Jaaye Person-Lynn
Remember, 10am PACIFIC STANDARD TIME!!!!!!!!!

In Other NBA All Star News:

Ribbon Cutting: Trevor Ariza Foundation and Buffalo Wild Wings' Grand Opening

Click for the rest of the photos by Isidra Person-Lynn

So, where “da porty at?” Got folks in town and they ask the question.  Would love to know myself!

This photo of Kobe was in the EUR Web with a story about Kobe’s party. (I posted this early Saturday). KOBE, congratulations on your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right before your party! If you went to this or any party, call in and let us know how you enjoyed it!

Sunday morning Carmelo Anthony is hosting a brunch to raise money for his Melo Cares charity. This thing I know for sure.

Diddy is hosting the NBA Weekend Grand Finale Sunday beginning at 9 p.m. at Exchange LA. Details

And Young Jeezy has one Sunday night as well….8p – 3a at the Highlands. Details

Info about the All Star Celebrity Bash 2/20 Kelly Rowland, Rick Ross and Kid Capri Details

These are just links and SML has NOT checked them out beyond that they work.  These ticket packages are pricey so you are on your own!

Schedule of NBA All Star eventshttp://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-all-star-facts-20110218,0,2796116.story

Official NBA Events:  Saturday and Sunday

All Star Weekend Events (Facebook)

Also Check Black N La

It’s on TNT Sunday at 5 p.m., Pacific 8 p.m Eastern

60th NBA All Star Game

Eastern Conference Starting Lineup:

Lebron James, F
Amar’e Stoudemire, F
Dwyane Wade, G
Derrick Rose, G
Dwight Howard, C

Western Conference Starting Lineup:

Kevin Durant, F
Carmelo Anthony, F
Kobe Bryant, G
Chris Paul, G
Tim Duncan, C


The do’s and don’ts of NBA all-star weekend Read IT!

By Shanae Hall

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She is the author of Think like  a Lady (the response to Steve Harvey’s Book.)

8:35 AM on 02/19/2011

Nice Websites:

Carmelo Anthony

Trevor Ariza Foundation (100% Asthma!)

May I suggest these black owned establishments? The newly renovated Maverick’s Flat (Open beginning at 5 until. Call for reservation to eat, not for bar), Buffalo Wild Wings (39th and Crenshaw Blvd. 90008) and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles? (there are a number of locations.)