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Sept. 27, 2011

90 Minutes/ Open Phones

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This Week’s Topic (s):

As we close out Black History Month 2011, let’s look at Black Dollars— where they’ve been and where they can go. Need to read up on Black Wall Street?  Just search the plentiful videos on You Tube,  like this one:

For where they have been,

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn ( will give the history of Black Wall Street and what happened to all that Black wealth. Dr. Kwaku will begin his spring semester of Afrikan World Civilizations Class March 4 at the Ladera Park Center. He is unique in that he delivers classes on Afrikan history–all over the world, that is usually reserved only for college students.  Many adults never get exposed to this history.  He also teaches Black History 4 Young People during the summers, also in the community.


Jarim Person-Lynn, Wealth Coach

And the man with the solutions, Jarim Person-Lynn, a wealth coach and author of Brass-Knuckle Finance -a new book due out in March, will be our guest. Read more about Jarim’s message at and

Jarim, like so many others, grew up in the fast pace and showy Los Angeles area that is often times filled with higher levels of consumption and visibly showing off supposed “wealth”. After attending a local Cal State University, he went to work at one of the largest advertising agencies on the west coast – the very type of business responsible for instilling most of the high consumption mindsets of so many around him. At night he would also become one of the areas most sought after DJs known for mixtapes allowing companies to introduce product placement to his fans and listeners.

Jarim’s Brothers and Father. He has authored Brass-Knuckle Finance

A few years ago, during the economic financial collapse, he began to see all of the root issues with the rampant consumerism in America in general. He would then realize how they are even more amplified within the minority communities – those he himself had taken part in influencing. Now in March his book will come out, his community financial courses will launch and he will help the masses apply all of what he has learned about getting hundreds of people out of debt and into a better financial mind-state.

His focus is on sharing what he has learned through the school of hard knocks to people of color so they can prepare for brighter futures. To learn why his Winners Circle is singing his praises, you just have to tune in! Log onto the chat room to ask questions or call in!

Were African Americans Snubbed at This Year’s Oscars?

Also:  Tonight, a new class of Oscar winners will be awarded.  Were African-Americans Snubbed?  For Our Entertainment segment, we play the audio conversation with African-American Film Critics.  Click here to watch the video.


Trevor Ariza, NBA, Los Angeles


Trevor Ariza, For Sure!

Last week, we really enjoyed meeting our pro-athletes.  But!  We ran out of time before we could get to the prerecorded Trevor Ariza piece, so we will play  it on this show, including Lisa Leslie, the LR Services Plumbers, Howard Hewitt and Tony Bland.

In the meantime, here is my interview with the two young owners of the Buffalo Wild Wings where the Trevor Ariza Foundation‘s NBA All Star Weekend event was held.  It appeared in The Atlanta Post. Click to view the video interview.

More:  Pics from the event:


Karim Webb and Edward Barnett celebrate with Trevor Ariza the Grand Opening of Buffalo Wild Wings. Also pictured: Ken Lombard and Councilman Bernard Parks Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn

LR Services Plumbers with Claudia Jordan / Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn

Singer Howard Hewitt and Jaaye Person-Lynn Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn


Lisa Leslie!!! Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn


Afrikan Mental Liberation Film Festival is in San Diego scheduled for Feb. 26 and 27 has been postponed.  We will let you know as soon as we learn the new dates.

Also, Darlene Donloe will have the Entertainment Report (Sunday 2/27/2011 IS the Oscars, you know!) and we will play the Trevor Ariza clip we didn’t get to from last week’s show.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Isidra Person-Lynn photographed a number of events this week:

Gang Girl Screening at the Pan African Film Festival

Grand Opening of Buffalo Wild Wings and Trevor Ariza Foundation


Carmelo Anthony and Eric Brown, CEO Johnson Products Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn

The Carmelo Anthony Fundraising Brunch Album


Russell Simmons was catching up with Carmelo Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn

Carmelo with Kim Kardashian and Date, Amar'e Stoudemire, his new Knick teammate and his wife LaLa. Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn

Corner Store Premiere at an African Film Festival: More Pics


Roger Guenveur Smith (actor) and Joe Doughrity (director) Corner Store Premiere Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn

Star of Gang Girl, Nafeesa, Glynn Turman and Congresswoman Maxine Waters Photo by Isidra Person-Lynn

More Pics:

Things to do:


Come and support the fine artists, fine crafts, jewelers and craft vendors, who have come from faraway places to sell and also celebrate the Black History Month.

Please share this with family, friends and colleagues.  Lots of good stuff for sale and for students and kids to do.

An art workshop given by a world renown artist, sculptor and poet, Emmanuel Taiwo Jegede, who flew in from London, England to share and also work with a new crowd.  Visit him at his booth located on the first floor by Sears Court.

Come and visit with:  artist, Diane Shannon Young, Charles Bibbs, Oduwa Art, jeweler, Timbuktu Art Colony, Original Haitian Watercolors, wood sculptor, Eddie Stokes, stone carver, Adeyemi Chaka, Design by Sandy, Roscoe Lee Owens of the Jammin Foundation/Jazzzone representing the works of: Synthia Saint James, Kathleen Wilson, Aldonia Bailey and Chuma Okoli, Foo Foo Fashions, from Texas, Sultry Touch Collection, from South Carolina, Another Phase by Karen Roache, Pride Hats/Jarmon, from New Mexico, Wild Strawberry & Muddy Wheel Studios, from New York, jeweler Sisterphyre Kreations, Tiles N Such, from New Jersey, jeweler Adrienne Lockett Designs, from New York, Simply Greta @ The Brownstone, West Love Ltd., Suzi’s Hats & Regal Adornments with jeweler Seku Ra, New Lyfe Books & Things, Scent, My Earring Fetish, African fashions by Benin Imports, from Buffalo New York, Saibo African Imports, Art Africains, Kumasi Gift Shop, jeweler Sister Queen Treasures, Velvet Monkey Designs, from Philadelphia L.I.P.S Hats, Wilbourn Sisters Designs, One of a Kind Denim fashions, Melba Carter Jackson.. “Lost Love” book signing to name a few….
The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza is located at 3650 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90008 (at Crenshaw)

Don’t forget the Ben Caldwell’s Leimert Park Artwalk beginning at 2pm, 3333 43rd Place , LA CA 90008.

Take our first poll.  And vote on election day!

Please, comment below on why you are voting for your candidate.  All we ask is you are respectful.  Your neighbors really would love to have some real reasons why to choose one of these candidates.

Thank yous for helping with SML #17, Feb 27, 2011:  Jaaye , Jarim and Kwaku Person-Lynn, Darlene Donloe, Trevor Ariza, Howard Hewitt, The Atlanta Post, AAFCA and panelists, Roger Guenveur Smith, Joe Doughrity and all who called in or joined us in the chat room!


Charis, at a photoshoot with Leroy Hamilton before she and hubby Terry hit the road for Pennsylvania living. You should see the real photos by the master! Bon Voyage, guys!

Remember:  The Oscars are tonight.  Visit for more!  Watch and make your own movies!

This was a memorable Black History month.  Thanks for whatever you did–read, attended events, interviewed elders or posted factoids to Facebook–we saw you and we appreciated you!  Even the Kings are keeping it real–look at this!

Special All Star Edition:

Jaaye Person-Lynn, Esq. will host a special All Star edition of Sunday Morning Live 2/20/11


2/20/ 2011    10:00 AM-Noon 90 minutes

120 Minutes/ Open Phones

Call-in number: (619) 996-1674


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Missed it? You’re in luck! Just click that link and click the play arrow on the player and you can hear the show’s repeat whenever you choose.

OPEN PHONES: Call us!  1 (619) 996-1674

Or,  join us in the CHAT room! (Accessible from the show page.)

This Week’s Topic (s):

It’s All Star Sunday

with your Special Host Jaaye Person-Lynn

Lawrence Jackson, NFL (From Inglewood)

Join us for this special sports edition of Sunday Morning Live when son Jaaye Person-Lynn hosts. His guests are 4 athlete’s this NBA All Star Sunday.

We’ll meet Lawrence Jackson, football stand out, USC national champion and defensive end for the Detroit Lions.

Trevor Ariza, NBA, Los Angeles

Jaaye will bring audio coverage of former Laker Trevor Ariza’s Foundation Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings. In the meantime, check out this message from Trevor.

A Message from Trevor Ariza

Dear Friends,

At the age of nine I was playing with friends and found myself out of breath.  My mother rushed me to the hospital where I received a breathing treatment, and then was sent home.

Years later in high school while working out I experienced the same symptoms I had when I was nine years old.  I was then diagnosed with Exercised Induced Asthma.  The doctors prescribed asthma medication which I had to take prior to my workouts.

I was determined not to let this disease hinder my dreams of becoming an NBA player.  I continued to work hard.

As my debut was to begin at UCLA I suffered a collapsed lung.  I  was devastated.  This is when I decided I would do all I could to help others with the same condition.

I formed a non-profit foundation called the “Trevor Ariza Foundation” to help especially young children get the medication they need.  I want people to know you can overcome any obstacle in your path and accomplish your dreams.

Yours Truly,

Brian Barton, MLB, Los Angeles

Jaaye’ll talk to Brian Barton, who plays baseball for the Cincinnati Reds plus we’ll meet the 7 footer Ryan Hollins who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ryan Hollins, NBA, Pasadena


are very much connected to their Southern California communities. They will discuss sports and philanthropy. Jaaye’s mom, host Isidra Person-Lynn, will be away covering the Carmelo Anthony fundraiser Sunday at 10 a.m., so Jaaye is pinch-hitting. Support him! Sunday Morning Live is a weekly news magazine


This is what Jaaye wrote to his Facebook Friends:

Tune in this week as Jaaye Person-Lynn guest hosts Sunday Morning Live on Blog Talk Radio! This show is a continuation of Isidra Person-Lynn’s (The Regular Host) community action show that she had for years on 103.9FM in Los Angeles. Now it can be heard worldwide through the wonders of the internet!

Sunday Morning Live is an internet radio show that informs and educates the community on current events and social issues. Staying… true to this message, and incorporating the excitement of NBA All-Star Weekend 2011 which is in LA, this show is entitled “Pro Athletes and Their Social Responsibility!”

We h

ave some wonderful guests; USC National Football Champion and current Detroit Lion Lawrence Jackson, UCLA Star and current Cleveland Cavalier Ryan Hollins, Westchester High School Standout and Miami University College World-Series Star, Currently with the Cincinnati Reds organization Brian Barton, and Westchester Stand out and NBA Champion Trevor Ariza!

This show will discuss what,

if any these young men view as their responsibility to their community, and what they are doing now to carry out that duty. After this show, I am sure you will have a greater understanding and respect for professional athletes.

Callers will have a chance to call in to (619) 996-1674 and ask questions or make comments, so think about what you might want to ask these young men.

I look forward to a great show and having you all tune in!

Much Love,
Jaaye Person-Lynn
Remember, 10am PACIFIC STANDARD TIME!!!!!!!!!

In Other NBA All Star News:

Ribbon Cutting: Trevor Ariza Foundation and Buffalo Wild Wings' Grand Opening

Click for the rest of the photos by Isidra Person-Lynn

So, where “da porty at?” Got folks in town and they ask the question.  Would love to know myself!

This photo of Kobe was in the EUR Web with a story about Kobe’s party. (I posted this early Saturday). KOBE, congratulations on your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right before your party! If you went to this or any party, call in and let us know how you enjoyed it!

Sunday morning Carmelo Anthony is hosting a brunch to raise money for his Melo Cares charity. This thing I know for sure.

Diddy is hosting the NBA Weekend Grand Finale Sunday beginning at 9 p.m. at Exchange LA. Details

And Young Jeezy has one Sunday night as well….8p – 3a at the Highlands. Details

Info about the All Star Celebrity Bash 2/20 Kelly Rowland, Rick Ross and Kid Capri Details

These are just links and SML has NOT checked them out beyond that they work.  These ticket packages are pricey so you are on your own!

Schedule of NBA All Star events,0,2796116.story

Official NBA Events:  Saturday and Sunday

All Star Weekend Events (Facebook)

Also Check Black N La

It’s on TNT Sunday at 5 p.m., Pacific 8 p.m Eastern

60th NBA All Star Game

Eastern Conference Starting Lineup:

Lebron James, F
Amar’e Stoudemire, F
Dwyane Wade, G
Derrick Rose, G
Dwight Howard, C

Western Conference Starting Lineup:

Kevin Durant, F
Carmelo Anthony, F
Kobe Bryant, G
Chris Paul, G
Tim Duncan, C


The do’s and don’ts of NBA all-star weekend Read IT!

By Shanae Hall

Follow her on Twitter @naehall

She is the author of Think like  a Lady (the response to Steve Harvey’s Book.)

8:35 AM on 02/19/2011

Nice Websites:

Carmelo Anthony

Trevor Ariza Foundation (100% Asthma!)

May I suggest these black owned establishments? The newly renovated Maverick’s Flat (Open beginning at 5 until. Call for reservation to eat, not for bar), Buffalo Wild Wings (39th and Crenshaw Blvd. 90008) and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles? (there are a number of locations.)




Magic Johnson and Ron Burkle–now lead the Company that owns Vibe. Thanks to Leroy Hamilton for opening up his vault on his fantastic Tumblr page. Scroll below for links to the story.


2/013/ 2011    10:00 AM-Noon 2 hours

120 Minutes/ Open Phones

Call-in number: (619) 996-1674


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Missed it? You’re in luck! SML runs from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (Sometimes longer!) Just click that link and click the play arrow on the player and you can hear the show’s repeat whenever you choose.

OPEN PHONES: Call us!  1 (619) 996-1674

Or,  join us in the CHAT room! (Accessible from the show page. Link above)

This Week’s Topic (s):


Our guest: Wendell Hassan Marsh

We just confirmed that journalist Wendell Hassan Marsh will join us this morning!

He has lived in Egypt for 18 months.  The Root ran a story about him that will shed some light.  Read his story here or here.  His website is

Check out these news reports here that will shed some light:


Ancient Treasures in Danger

Coverage from here and here.

Understanding Egypt

Egypt: The Revolution WAS televised!

Egyptian Links to follow the story:


Talking Football with the Newest Philadelphia Eagles Corner Back Coach Johnnie Lynn

From Wikipedia: Johnnie Ross Lynn (born December 19, 1956) is a former American football defensive back who played for the New York Jets in the National Football League. He is the current secondary/cornerbacks coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. He also coached the secondary for the San Francisco 49ers until December 7, 2010 when he resigned for personal reasons.

Cousins: Dr. Kwaku (l) and Johnnie Lynn, newly named cornerback coach, Philadelphia Eagles.

Vivica Fox and Darlene Donloe

Darlene Donloe’s Entertainment Report is chock full of news, since she was all over the place covering plays and movies and celebs.

Tune in to hear what she is reporting on this week!

She mentions: The Grammy Awards, Mooz-lum the film, A Gospel Concert coming up soon.

The Pan African Film Festival Starts Wednesday!

We recommend Ava Duvernay’s “I Will Follow”

Check out her work on AFFRM–African American Film Releasing Movement

The Gospel Show Darlene announced: Feb 19 7 p.m. Eastern Gospel Music Channel

Darlene also mentions Ledisi who will be in the Gospel Show.  Ledisi just performed  at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.  Leroy Hamilton covered it.  Check out his mini production:

Mooz-Lum, the Trailer

Ever thought about being a Caricature artist or Entertainer?  Meet Elgin Bolling!

Elgin Bolling-Caricature Entertainer

Elgin's Minaj

We had a spirited interview with Elgin Bolling, a highly sought after caricature entertainer in New York that I met over the Cinchcast.  Here are his links:

Elgin's Friend Kathleen Gage

His website:

Bullying Authorstream Video and story



Elgin’s latest collaborative work with vocal instructor Erik Dillard from the Erik Dillard Vocal Clinic online show

Elgin remembers Jack LaLanne

My E Books

BONK The Bullying E BOOK

Books are only .99  Support the artist.  He’s not starving but could use your support to get kids talking about bullying!

News I found interesting this week:

Free iPhone App:  Google Translate It will translate from the spoken word AS WELL as the written word!

He’s Back!  Ted Williams on the Early Show: Ted Williams felt Dr. Phil rushed him, so he is now living in a sober living home for voice over actors.

Video of Houston Police beating handcuffed man released–victim speaks. Click here

Thanks to The Grio

Aretha’s Back! Click here to see her at the game with Rev. Jackson

Source: The Grio

Isidra Gadget:

Last week’s show, Mark S. Luckie gave you 90 minutes of tools to help you with your online efforts (scroll down to last week’s show to see the links he left.)   Here is yet another page of tools. Source:  Media and

Michael Fosberg

How a white man became black overnight

By Michael E. Ross

“I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and it was as if I’d changed in that moment from white to black.”

Fosberg’s initial discovery led to others: He had a great-great grandfather who was one of the black Union Civil War soldiers in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry regiment, the soldiers celebrated in the 1989 film Glory. Read More.

What did you think of the Superbowl Halftime Show? I really enjoyed Tonight’s Gonna Be a Goodnight!  That is on my walking music playlist.  In this piece, “Contemplations of Super Bowl halftime,” Greg Johnson of KJLH reminds of us other memorable half time shows.  It is worth the click to see Michael Jackson’s from 1993:

Time to Feel Good:  Natalie from Britain’s Got Talent.  Over 20 million views!

Why it is important that young Natalie  is celebrated:

Catching the Vibe--Magic Johnson and Ron Burkle (restaurant mogul)- new owners

Magic Johnson, Ron Burkle invest in Vibe, Magic Named Chairman

But read the rest of the story from The New York Post here:

Check which has the story as well. The Post reports “In addition to the flagship Vibe magazine, Vibe Ventures includes Uptown magazine and related digital ventures and the rights to 1,100 episodes of dance show “Soul Train.””

NBA All Star Weekend in L.A.!

I’ll be covering the Trevor Ariza party at the Buffalo Wild Wings in the Crenshaw Plaza on Thurs. the 17th. Can’t wait to welcome the Westchester great and former Laker back home!

Isidra Gadget

Today we will play an interview between Robert Scoble and MC Hammer (Yes, it’s  Hammertime!)  YOu can get a scoop and hear it here: Robert Scoble (or the Scobleizer) is one to follow on because he posts interviews through Cinchcast  from some pretty high places!


Computers are moving forward in leaps and bounds, but so is the use of phones!  I got a tweet from Brother Jesse to call into a national call in  talking about the upcoming  Savior’s Day and I, along with thousands, heard what sounded like a talk show with the Minister on as a guest.  This week I received phone calls for town hall meetings, reminders to send in my absentee ballot and more. One company that does it is SB Strategies at 310-294-9537.

Worthwhile Tweets:

mrdannyglover Danny Glover
For the latest updates from the Middle East watch @LinkTV‘s special coverage on DIRECTV 375, DISH 9410 and online at

Don’t forget to listen to Sunday Morning Live while you work!

Show ideas:

Be Part of Sunday Morning Live!

Looking for: International and national stories, pre-recorded interviews you will permit us to air, mini-docs that can be aired (just audio), live interviews, PSA’s, editorials, rants, music drops  “This is ______ and you’re listening to” Sunday Morning Live” right here on the Blog Talk Radio Network!  Email it to me and if it’s good we will play it! Videos and photos can be uploaded to and we will refer our listeners there.

Special Thanks to Leroy Hamilton for the images and video pieces as well as his work at, Robert Scoble who interviewed MC Hammer, Coach Johnnie Lynn, Philadelphia Eagles and his cousin Dr. Kwaku for filming, caricature artist, Elgin Bolling, Chef Kyle and for the new drop, Atty. Jaaye Person-Lynn.

It Made Me Laugh

This reporter was checked by paramedics and was fine….so maybe a bit too much of the bubbly?