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This Week’s Topic (s):

Mark S. Luckie, Digital Change Agent

Mark S. Luckie is still in his 20’s but he has propelled himself to be a leader and a change agent in journalism and digital media. Just over a year ago he was contemplating unpaid bills, when his blog 10, took off, and he was able to sell for a nice sum to Media Bistro. He blogged about his talents and knack at finding helpful tools to tell better stories graphically with enhanced multimedia strategies to anyone who would listen. That made his blog the favorite place for journalists and others to go to learn how to keep up with new media.

I met the 20-something graduate of HBCU Bethune Cookman College when he was in the early stage of his career, then proudly watched as his 2010’s amazing success story catapulted him to the Washington Post. Luckie was recently named to The Grio’s 100 and won a design contest, so Sunday morning at 10 a.m.PST 1 p.m. EST –early Super Bowl Sunday–we will talk with him about his walk and what he sees for the future. True to form, Mark’s story can be found on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and even Flicker.

What will we ask him?

The trend of journalism–

The Daily Pearl Trees, Storify, Cinchcast and many other Multimedia tools.

And so much more Mark will most likely hip us to! Find out more at his website:

Links we announced:

We were off to a Super Sunday what with  Dr. Kwaku lecturing at CAAM right after the show.  As promised here are the links to tools we discussed:

SCRIBD: A great place to publish your book:

Reading and Publishing… evolved.  They write “Millions of documents and books at your fingertips! Read, print, download, and send them to your mobile devices instantly. Or upload your PDF, Word, and PowerPoint docs to share them with the world’s largest community of readers.”
Create Space:

LuLu (create print on demand books for music, photos and writing) 80/20% deal

Cinch: Record radio talks or interviews and post to Facebook or Twitter

Bubble Tweet: Communicate in Video or audio on Twitter:

Storify: See mine of Mark Luckie:


Also discussed:

What is your Internet Klout?

Collaborate with people all over the world on documents. Mark used Google Docs to write his Handbook for Digital Journalists


Mark’s blog: Great Info for Digital Journalists or ANYONE who needs info about the latest tools online:

Media Bistro

Pearl Trees: A new way to social media:

It’s Been My Experience

I remember Mr. Boykins, the father of one of my best friends.  He was a constant fixture at the kitchen table reading his newspaper.  I doubt he ever looked up at the crazy stuff we kids said and did.  His time after carrying a sack of mail all day was sitting at the table unfazed as he consumed every character  of ink on the page.  Little did I know that print journalism would wind up being my career of choice, but ironically I never worked in print.  Sure in college, I was the volunteer editor of Perspectives in undergrad at Union College, NY and AllUsWe at USC.  We waxed strips of copy typeset by  well-paid professionals. The closest I got to getting paid for print was producing newspapers, annual reports and other printed collateral materials within my PR gigs, but I went straight to radio and from there Internet TV and produced a documentary with our team.

And now I see my colleagues scrambling to figure out how the times passed them by.  Excellent writers, they pooh-poohed the Internet and now it’s coming back to bite them where they sat all those years.  I hope you are listening.  Mark Luckie can guide you–whether you are a graphic designer, techie, writer, photographer, blogger, etc. you are going to have to blend it all these days!

Darlene Donloe, Entertainment, has the week off. Here she is with Jennifer Lewis at her one woman show along with Miki Turner, photo journalist, author


Have you heard: Huff Post To Launch “Game Changing” Black Website, Enlists Former Essence Editor

Former Essence editor-in-chief, Angela Burt-Murray is rumored to have on to assist in the launch of Huffington Post’s newest vertical, HuffPost Global Black. The site, which is the result of a partnership between Huffington Post owner Arianna Huffington and BET co-founder, Sheila Johnson will provide its audience with “news, politics, culture, opinion, and video through the lens of the black experience.” In addition to HuffPost Global Black, Huffington Post expects to be rolling out both a political and sports-themed site as well as a Latino-targeted vertical. While no official launch date has been announced, HuffPost Global Black is expected to launch sometime in March. Is a separate “Black” site necessary.

One writer’s perspective- The Atlanta Post:

Listen to Sunday Morning Live on Blog Talk Radio:

If we have time for a change in plans, we will play a very special interview of an artist who used to be bullied every day. Which leads us to the top of the list–Bullying –by Street toughs AND the Houston Police!!! Scroll to end to read about Elgin Bolling!

News from the week I found to be interesting:

Welcome to Superbowl Sunday!

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh CoachWho ya got?  Until talking to my youngest son last night, I could care less, but now I am excited.  You see, the coach of Pittsburgh, who bears a strong resemblance to Omar Epps. and whose father attended Hampton where my son graduated from, has the chance of being the youngest head coach in the NFL to win TWO SuperBowls…having won in 2009.  This being African-American history month, those facts give me a tie to Pittsburgh. He can make history!

Now Green Bay–I used to work for Willie Davis owner of KACE radio,  All pro defensive end of the Green Bay Packers who played for Vince Lombardi in Superbowls 1 and 2.  But that’s all in the past.

Did you know it wasn’t until the 3rd Superbowl that they actually called it that officially?

Omar Epps could play Coach Tomlin, no?

I learned that from the story in the Washington Post: “5 things you didn’t know about the Superbowl”…Wonder if that was Mark Luckie’s handy work?


Did you get to see that heart breaking video where a young man in this video was beaten by 7 kids for no apparent reason?  Kudos to The View for inviting young Nadin  on the show and giving him a better day than he could  have dreamed:

As if kids beating a kid isn’t bad enough, did you see the video of armed police beating an unarmed burglar who had clearly given themselves up.

Video (warning–graphic): Officer Raad Hassan was seen doing the most damage.  Shame on him!


Franchisees Karim Webb and Edward Barnett

The Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles is now open! Former Laker Trevor Ariza is hosting an invitation-only star-studded All Star Weekend Party there. Congrats to 30 something  year old brothers Karim Webb and Edward Barnett. Read More:


All Star Weekend Official Info:

Plan accordingly.  Get the official dates and times here!

Maverick's Flat Plans

Re-Opening of Maverick’s Flat: There is a full fledged restaurant in there!  This one is for the older set.  Congrats to Curtis Fralin and Infinity Investments.

STAPLES COMING TO CRENSHAW: And to all with home-based businesses you will be pleased to learn that Staples is also coming to the Baldwin Hills Plaza this year.

Congratulations to The Freshman Congresswoman Karen Bass

The birthday boy, esteemed photographer Leroy Hamilton, enjoyed a special birthday this week.  He also produced and gave permission to share with you the So Cal swearing-in of  Congresswoman Karen Bass.  All the politicos were there!

Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Irony:  Bob Marley and Ronald Reagan have same birthday.

On Bob MArley's Birthday Anna Fisher asks us to look at Rita Marley's work in Ghana

If we have time, we will air this today.  If not, next week for sure!

Humor: Spoof:  Little Known Black History Facts

Note: May be offensive to some. This is not intended to be a historical resource.

Watch/Listen to:

Rev. Al Sharpton’s Keeping it Real: (Celebrating 5th Year Anniversary)

Roland Martin’s Washington Watch on TV One Sunday Mornings