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Caught Up by Melissa Hayward

This week Sunday Morning Live welcomes Melissa Hayward, a minister, a dynamic singer, and actress who just released her new CD “Caught Up.” She has overcome drug addiction and founded a ministry to help others. Don’t miss her testimony!

We’ll have a listening party.  Can’t wait? Check out her new CD here.

Hayward has currently completed her album entitled “Caught Up” which depicts the demoralized price she paid while using drugs and alcohol. She shares the extraordinary deliverance God granted her through the struggle, in hopes, that the truth of God is revealed through the creative sound and testimony that is expressed through her music.
Melissa Hayward
God’s Vessel Ministries

Buy the CD:

CD available at the Word Of Life Christian Bookstore located at 6321 West Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043


Nate Parker, Part II

We will also hear from Nate Parker–Part II of his interview with Darlene Donloe. In this one he talks about the Slap heard ’round the world in The Great Debaters. Sunday Morning Live is a weekly news magazine hosted by Isidra Person-Lynn, with entertainment news provided by veteran journalist Darlene Donloe.

He also fills us in more on hi upcoming movie “Red Tails.”

Still Updating this week’s news.  Check back!

An evening with Jennifer Lewis at the NAte Holden Performing Arts Theater Fri Feb 4, 2011. This is one night only!  It starts at 8 pm.  Tickets $25 For details:

Let’s Talk about Health

Not too Late For the New Year: Cleanse!!!

Charis Malloy Brown is steeped in health–from eating to movement, to hydrating to breathing. She crafted a cleanse that she led a group recently through so they could start the new year  healthier, lighter and freer.  You can download her eBook for only $7 and do it yourself, but she is available for consultations too! Check out her website at


Charis Brown Malloy's Post Holiday Cleanse

Charis is also a terrific writer who inspires.  I am not just saying this because she is my cousin. Read this piece for yourself!

Here is one she wrote about a terrifying experience as a newlywed.

Don’t worry, her husband is a kind, loving spirit and they went through that experience together. Read it!

The Law

Mother Sentenced to Jail for Enrolling Children in Better School District


Atty. Terrye Cheathem

We will also get to discuss the story that broke about the mother sent to jail for enrolling her children in a district where she did not live.  Not only did she spend 10 days in jail, she also was fined over $30,000. Atty. Terrye Cheathem will be on hand to discuss the legalities of it all. One version of the story is here.

Some comments about it to read.

Another Take.

My Storify on the Subject: Check out the lone dissenting voice.  Does he have a point?

Anon Comment:
This happens all the time with kids who are good at sports who want to play at a school with a better team. I never hear of those kids’ parents getting sent to jail.


Movement on Marlton Square:

L.A. Sentinel Reports that Marlton Square has been pulled out of bankruptcy. Click Here.

Here is the radio report by Pasadena City College. Click Here.

How Egypt Turned Off the Internet:


Nominate yourself or someone you know for a Black Enterprise Small Business Award

Summit prosecutor releases statement in Kelley Williams-Bolar case

By Ed Meyer
Beacon Journal staff
POSTED: 01:50 p.m. EST, Jan 28, 2011
Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh defended her agency’s decision to bring multiple felony charges against an Akron mother in a school residency case.
Walsh, in a statement Friday, said Kelley Williams-Bolar was prosecuted ”because she repeatedly and willfully broke the law, as a jury of her peers unanimously affirmed in court.”
The statement was sent by e-mail to various media outlets 10 days after Williams-Bolar was sentenced to jail in the controversial case.
On Jan. 15, after seven hours of deliberations, a Summit County jury convicted Williams-Bolar, 40, on two felony counts of tampering with records in the process of enrolling her children in Copley-Fairlawn schools in August 2006.

Walsh’s statement, in its entirety, is as follows:
”While this case is truly an unfortunate situation, the fact remains that Kelley Williams-Bolar was prosecuted because she repeatedly and willfully broke the law, as a jury of her peers unanimously affirmed in court.
”Prior to prosecution, she had many options available that did not include breaking the law, including working with the Copley school district before the case reached a criminal felony level. There are many single mothers and families in similar situations who want the best for their children who are not breaking the law.
”In fact, dozens of other similar cases in recent years have been resolved at the parent level prior to prosecution because they either removed their children from the school district, paid tuition or moved into the school district.
”Ms. Williams-Bolar was the only case that could not be resolved at the parent level because she would not acknowledge that she did anything wrong and she refused to cooperate in any way.
”As such, this office had no choice but to take action against Ms. Williams-Bolar, in accordance with the law and on behalf of residents that choose to follow the rules.”
The statement said the agency will not pursue a retrial on the two deadlocked charges of grand theft that the jury faced in the joint trial of Williams-Bolar and her father, Edward Williams.
”Consistent with other cases we have tried, when a jury convicts on the higher charges, we dismiss the deadlocked charges,” Walsh said in the statement.
She added: ”The state intends to proceed with the charges against Edward Williams for grand theft, a felony of the fourth degree, and for tampering with records, a felony of the third degree.
”With respect to the grand theft, the indictment alleges that he did, with purpose to deprive the owner, State of Ohio/Department of Human Services and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, of benefits totaling: $36,023.87.
”With respect to the tampering with records, the indictment alleges that he knowingly falsified applications for medical and food assistance with the Department of Job and Family Services.”
Kerry M. O’Brien, the attorney for Williams-Bolar and her father, was not immediately available for comment.

Note:  Jan. 15 is the birthdate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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