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This Week’s Topic (s):

This Sunday (1/23/11), we meet two dynamic 30 somethings, recap the King Parade and spend some time talking tech and gadgets.

But first we meet Angela Parker who is a freelance writer who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She is the author of Tethered and writes “Under the Hill”, a column that takes an irreverent look at life as a thirty-something singleton. You can read more from her at  and visit her website at Be sure and click “Older Posts” to read more of her writings!

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Nate Parker, PAFF HOST

Darlene Donloe has as her guest Nate Parker.  We will NOT have open phones but one day we must invite him back so you too can talk with him. I am expecting great things from the man who personified his role in Great Debaters in real life and also starred in the Secret Life of Bees and many other important works.

This is a brief video which Nate Parker was referring to.  It does not include his own DNA reveal but he is pictured within. It was shot and edited by Leroy Hamilton.

We will also play clips from this past Monday’s King Day Festivities in Leimert Park

Here is the visual file.  We will play the audio file.

A Better Clip of El De Barge:

News of the week I thought was interesting:

From the L.A. Weekly:  (Videos on page)

Note: What would it cost the LAPD to calm unarmed people down, wait a bit, to assess why a person is acting the way they are? Yes, this is a week old. I missed it.

Reggie Doucet Jr, 25-Year-Old Hollywood Model And College Football Star, Shot To Death By LAPD In Front Of Playa Vista Home

By Simone Wilson, Fri., Jan. 14 2011 @ 4:39PM
Saw on Charlene Muhammad’s Facebook Page:

Corporations Take Advantage of Prison Labor

Capitalism leads to exploitation of inmates.

By: Dr. Boyce Watkins | TheLoop21 (Add to your loop)
Thu, 01/20/2011 – 1:51pm

To the Trekkies in the House: (Video at link)

Nichols: MLK convinced me to stay on ‘Star Trek’
By theGrio
4:41 PM on 01/19/2011

Dr. King reportedly told her, “The world sees us as we should be seen. As intelligent, beautiful, and qualified just like anybody else. You have the first non-stereotypical role on TV. You cannot leave.”  Great video at the link.

SOME OF US ARE BRAVE: Aired an hour long interview with the newly freed Scott Sisters.

A Black Women’s Radio Show writes: Thanks Isidra! Also the show’s posted at now…Please note that the 2nd half hour is posted and running under Think Outside the Cage for the 1:30 time slot as they shared their time for us to have a full one hour for the Scotts today.

Gadgets, Apps and things:

So THAT’s How Michael Jackson Did the Lean!!! Just learned about the Atlanta Post. They are running an article on 10 contemporary Black inventors. Michael Jackson is one–with a patent!

Five Things You Didn’t know You could Do with Linked In

By Mark Luckie (My Favorite is: Create A Resume)

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After Darlene Donloe‘s interview with a favored actor Nate Parker, who played in the Great Debaters, she filed a complete report.  She has got the skinny  on the rumor that Halle Berry will be playing Aretha, and a whole lot more!


Got the email about the new traffic fines?  It’s kinda sorta true:

That’s the show we filed for Jan 23, 2010, the 12th edition of Sunday Morning Live.

Show dedicated to Uncle Paul Lynn from Pasadena…and Happy birthday Ariana, and her sons Andrew and Keion! 

Next Week Melissa Hayward…a link to listen…Her CD dropped yesterday

Also Nate Parker–comments after the interview

Other articles You may Have Missed:

Ex-Chicago Cop Gets 4 1/2 years in Torture Case:

CHICAGO (AP) – Dozens of people — almost all of them black men — claimed for decades that Burge and his officers tortured them into confessing to…

Eric Benet Engaged to Prince’s Ex-Wife:

This is Why U Broke: The “New” I have a Dream Speech

New Words Added to English Dictionaries50 favorites
by: Betsy Towner | from: AARP Bulletin | January 1, 2011

Steve Jobs Takes Leave Due to Serious Health Issues But the company appears very healthy:  …” Apple, which reported last week that first-quarter profit grew 78 percent from a year ago. Sales were up 71 percent to $26.7 billion – exceeding analysts’ estimates by more than $2 billion.”


My Favorite Bog Talk Radio Shows:

Did I hear?

There will be a re-release of The Color Purple?

Warner Home Video is celebrating Black HIstory Month with the debut of ‘Of Boys and Men and the Blue-ray premieres of The Color Purple and Malcolm X.


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