What’s the word? Umoja! (Unity!) Do you know the rest?

This is the first day of Kwanzaa!  Do you celebrate?  If so, how so?  In Los Angeles, the Leimert Park area, there is the big Kwanzaa Parade and Festival which culminates in the actual park area.  It’s also the Leimert Park Artwalk, so there will be a lot of activity in the park what with 18 bands scheduled to play…

What technology did you get for Christmas? Any questions about any of it?  I am no Leo Laporte but Isidra Gadget can find someone who knows in most cases.

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In the meantime, why not listen to Some of Us are Brave which airs Saturdays on KPFK.  This is the full show form which we played an excerpt last week of Elaine Brown about the Georgia Prison Strike.


Some Of Us Are Brave: NOTE:  The second half hour is listed first.  Please play the second listing for 1 p.m. first!

Saturday, December 18, 2010 1:30 pm  0:28:31

Saturday, December 18, 2010 1:00 pm  0:29


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In the meantime…

News Notes for the Week 12/19/ through 12/26/10:

1. Storms: Let’s see if it will rain on our parade in Leimert Park! Check out my Storify here:  http://storify.com/isidra/more-to-come-have-a-merry-christmas-and-a-happy-ne

2. NATURE’S ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS: Nadean Day--Isidra’s interviews: Nature’s Essential Ingredients:  Do you have eczema or contact dermatitis? Are you sure?  Listen to this interview with Nadean Day with clips from Maile Johnson and Quinn Vaughan.

Nadean Day, Creator www.neibeautycare.com
Phone 817-294-6081

4. Jesse Muhammad–Mississippi Hanging Clip from Some of Us Are Brave.  Hear the entire show here:  http://www.KPFK.org and click archives.  It aired Saturday, Dec. 18. Lynching Storify:  http://www.risingsons.tumblr.com

5.  See movies produced. (At blog) http://www.sundaymorninglive.net

The Leimert Park Artwalk is Today!


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Middle son So Lynn’s Business is Taking Off!


I am appalled at the lack of information getting through.  I went to the New York Times and typed in lynching.  Nothing about this recent Mississippi story came up.  There was the story of the two Mississippi State players fighting in the stands.  This is NOT a NYT story but thought you might like to check it out only because it is so sad.

So let’s go to the Clarion Ledger, Mississippi’s largest newspapers (by my Google search).  Type in lynching…I’ve gone through 3 pages–nothing.  What comes up is this:

Gov. Barbour doesn’t know racism


This is just a comment about the Governor’s “Thinking that because the white segregationists in his town also had little tolerance for the terrorism/theatrics of the Klan, they were “a force for good” which made news over the past week or so. Google that one on your own, but it sets the tone from the Governor’s office. Still looking…

Just Wanted You to Know:

The Game is Back!  Wendy Raquel Robinson is interviewed here about the new Game which is now hosted on BET.  (Love those promos!)


And let’s Talk about The Black Candle! Kwanzaa Film)

MK Asante put together this video on Kwanzaa, narrated in part by Maya Angelou.