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This week:

We’re back! Happy Holidays to everyone.  If you get some extra time, why not chill with us? Well, the “Us” is relative.  Kathy Williamson, who is VP of the African American Film Critics Association, which just held its awards show last Monday, will no longer serve as co-host of this show.   We wish her well and hope to hear about her latest projects from time to time.

Dallas was like a breath of fresh air, and I will share some of the goings on…

Johnson Products hosted a luncheon to award those who go above and beyond the call of duty.  For back story visit http://www.JohnsonProducts.com/no excuse

Next week, we met with the good folks at Nature’s Essential Ingredients and Maile Johnson tells the story of how using natural products eliminated her contact dermatitis.

But this was the week that the inmates in Georgia decided to stand up by sitting down and we will update you on that.  Also, Darlene Donloe will have her entertainment report so tune in!

She and I both missed The AAFCA awards but I posted a “storify” about it and this is what the industry is saying:

Check out the Storify we did on the AAFCA Awards: http://risingsons.tumblr.com/

NOTE:  Next week, the 26th, we do the show at 10 a.m. instead of 11!

Here are some stories we ran across that we may not get to chat about:

Are you a news junkie as well?  Check this Facebook Post out  from Sister Charlene Muhammad:

Charlene Muhammad: Gotta pick my head up from this laptop/or switch screens every now and then! A lot happening in the west while I scan the national landscape: more victims in Grim Sleeper serial killer case; Bart ordered to rehire officer on platform during Oscar Grant killing; and plenty more. Inbox me if you want to contribute to Final Call (West) as a news scanner….I’m serious!!!

Drop us a line and we will put you in touch, but you should really befriend her on FB, because she will know about most things first.

Georgia Prison Strike:

This obscured post includes the interview Elaine Brown did with a prisoner who was part of the Prison strike in Georgia.  It shows that while many want to support, they are afraid:

Press Release from Elaine Brown:


Press Conference Follows Meeting Today

Friday, December 17, 2010, 4:00 p.m.

James H. (Sloppy) Floyd Building
2 Martin Luther King Drive
Atlanta, GA
The Concerned Coalition to Respect Prisoners’ Rights, newly-formed to support the interests and agenda of thousands of Georgia prisoners who staged an eight-day peaceful protest and work strike, will hold a press conference at 4 p.m. today at the James  H. “Sloppy” Floyd Building following a 3 p.m. meeting with Department of Corrections officials. The delegation will share with the media a letter from the Coalition to Gov. Sonny Purdue and Dept. of Corrections Commissioner Brian Owens and share updates on the strike and conditions faced by prisoners.

While prisoners were able to bring the strike to a peaceful conclusion, Department of Corrections wardens and administrators and Tactical Squads have begun a brutal campaign of retaliation against striking prisoners, particularly those deemed leaders, said Coalition organizers.  Many prisoners have been transferred to unknown facilities in overnight transports, most reportedly to an abandoned building atGeorgia State Prison in Reidsville to be isolated in strip cells, organizers added. Other prisoners are still suffering from beatings, tear-gassing and other documented violent tactics employed to break the strike and force the men back to work without pay. Still, the prisoners’ demands remain on the table and the Coalition delegation will raise these issues and others with Corrections Department officials.

“The prisoners’ peaceful protest was historic in scope and in the unity of thousands of black, brown, white, Muslim, Christian, Rastafarian prisoners, including those at Augusta, Baldwin, Calhoun, Hancock, Hays, Macon, Rogers, Smith, Telfair, Valdosta and Ware State Prisons.  It ignited protests and support actions all over the country and, even, rumblings of similar protests in other prisons in other states,” said former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown, who has been spearheading much of the support activity and public relations on behalf of the prisoners.

The prisoners are petitioning the DOC for their human rights, including being paid for their labor, provided educational opportunities, decent health care and nutritional meals, a halt to cruel and unusual punishments, and end to unjust parole decisions. “For eight powerful days, these men stood up for their humanity and sent a message of hope and courage to all of us to do the same, to unite and fight to end the social ills that plague our houses on both sides of the wall,” said Brown.

The Grim Sleeper:  Imagine what it would be like to open up hte L.A. Times to see your photo on the front as one of the Grim Sleeper’s victims, but you are a friend or family member. That’s what this story discusses.

http://www.thegrio.com/news/grim-sleeper-suspects-attorney-criticizes-lapd.php (Family and friends and no victims, and no evidence!) Imagaine!!!

From: Concerned Coalition to Respect Prisoners’ Rights: concernedcoalitionga@gmail.com


A Storify I did on the Georgia Prison Strike



Links Announced in the Johnson Products Story:








If you have not yet seen it…



alisoncecilejohns says:
December 15, 2010 at 9:46 pm
in trying to do a little research for myself i came up with this:

(from http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=8289)

“According to the Left Business Observer, the federal prison industry produces 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet-proof vests, ID tags, shirts, pants, tents, bags, and canteens. Along with war supplies, prison workers supply 98% of the entire market for equipment assembly services; 93% of paints and paintbrushes; 92% of stove assembly; 46% of body armor; 36% of home appliances; 30% of headphones/microphones/speakers; and 21% of office furniture. Airplane parts, medical supplies, and much more: prisoners are even raising seeing-eye dogs for blind people.”

(and from http://www.darkgovernment.com/news/slavery-in-u-s-prison-system/#ixzz18FMWLnJL)

“Oregon has even started advertising its prison labor force and factories, claiming that businesses who utilize incarcerated workers would otherwise go overseas for cheap labor (thanks, GATT and NAFTA!). In 1995, an overwhelming majority of Oregon voters passed a constitutional amendment that will put 100 percent of its state inmates to work.

And they’ll be making a lot more than license plates and road signs. One product of Oregon’s inmate factories are uniforms for McDonald’s. Tennessee inmates stitch together jeans for Kmart and JC Penney, as well as $80 wooden rocking ponies for Eddie Bauer. Mattresses and furniture are perennial favorites in prison factories, and Ohio inmates even produced car parts for Honda, until the United Auto Workers intervened. Prisoners have been employed doing data entry, assembling computer circuit boards and even taking credit card ticket orders for TWA.”